Museo Criminologico, Rome

Criminological museum

One of the very last things we did in Rome – before our last meal, before our last artisinal gelato – was to visit the Criminology Museum.
(I have a degree in criminology – did you know that?)

It was brilliant.
The museum was teeny tiny, filled with students, and displays with half un-translated signs
I spent an inordinate amount of time poking around. Craig spent time looking around and then waiting for me so we could move on. He’s lovely.

Iron Maiden

The Poggio Catino Skeleton
The identity of the “Poggio Catino Skeleton” is still a mystery. The only historical fact is that the skeleton was found in 1933 inside the ruined tower of a baronial palazzo in Poggio Catino.


Fake passports

Fake canadian money

Revolver used to kill King Umberto I
The revolver used to kill King Umberto I in 1900


Tattoos are for losers and criminals.


Origins of criminology

Prison made tattoo guns
Prison-made tattoo guns with adorable handwritten display tags

Knife in a crucifix
Knife in a crucifix, two bits

Female serial killers

Milazzo Cage
The Milazzo Cage
This iron cage containing a human skeleton was discovered by chance on 17 February 1928 by a gang of prisoners who were digging in the area within the enclosure walls of Milazzo Prison in Sicily. The cage was located about 25 cm below the surface.

Papal Guillotine
A guillotine used by the Papal state.

If you are in Rome and have an inherent morbid fascination like I do? Then I highly recommend visiting this museum.
If you can read even a little bit of Italian – that helps.


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  1. The Exhibition List · August 28, 2012

    It looks really interesting, some great artefacts!

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