History: 80 to 40

Yesterday I was part of history.

Some of it I can talk about, some of it I can’t, but yesterday was the day that the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill was read for the first time in the House.
You may remember, I wrote about it here.

80 of our 121 members of parliament voted to send it to select committee – the first step to making it law. It was the best.

Amazing signs

I sat next to my husband, surrounded by friends (and a lot of ice cream) watching the debate. We booed those who spoke in opposition, applauded those who spoke in support, cheered when the result of the vote was announced. I literally, literally threw my arms in the air with jubilation. My prediction had been 75
I felt like my marriage was strengthened by the passing of this legislation.

OH it's wonderful being short

Earlier that day, on my lunch break, I stood with my arm around my girlfriend, in a sea of people at the Marriage Equality rally.
We listened to speeches, we applauded, we cheered, we squeezed hands, & we wiped away tears. Speakers from all the major parties voiced their support, religious leaders and kaumatua spoke of their beliefs, campaigners spoke of the work it took to get us here. I haven’t been surrounded by so much unrestrained joy in a long time. I got to share it with someone special. It was, by far, the best lunch break I have ever had.

Tau Henare speaking in support

Of course, the work is not yet nearly done. It has passed the first reading but there is the select committee process and two further readings in the House. You can bet that by the time I was in the shower last night, I was composing the beginning to a select committee submission. The work is not yet done.

But whole debate can be summed up for me in one quote.
“I simply cannot construct an intellectual, moral, health, or spiritual argument against it—in fact the reverse is very much the case. I support it.” – Dr Paul Hutchison

Wednesday: Coley and Laura at the Rally

It’s not often I’m this proud of my work, my friends, my country. But today I am.
I was part of history.



  1. Kim · August 31, 2012

    I love that photo of Laura and Nicole so much.
    Yay equality!

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