366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Cupcakes for family birthday celebrations
I bought cupcakes for my baby sister’s family birthday celebrations.
Pictured are: vanilla swirl, snickers, and salted caramel cupcakes.

Monday: love the Wizard of Oz stuff at Peter Alexander
The Wizard of Oz line at Peter Alexander is really quite lovely. I certainly thought so after a few drinks with a former coworker on Monday night.

Tuesday: leaving work late
Then on Tuesday I worked late. I was exhausted.

Wednesday: Coley and Laura at the Rally
Coley and Laura at the Marriage Equality Rally.

Thursday: glorious morning - it's almost spring
Just a couple of days before the first day of spring it was sunny enough in the morning to necessitate sunglasses. It was glorious.

Friday: ill afternoon
After a week spread thin I succumbed to some terrible springtime lurgy. I spent Friday afternoon alternating between sleep and lemon and honey drinks.

Saturday: Transylvanian, Columbia, Magenta
Naturally I made sure I was well enough to make it to Coley’s Rocky Horror Birthday party.
I went as dark underwear Janet and spent the evening surrounded by babes. It was brilliant.


Sunglasses on the way to work!


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