366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: beer tasting for Fathers' Day 2012
It was Father’s Day and my sister Charlotte arranged for us all to go to Hashigo Zake for a group beer tasting. It was brilliant.

Monday: quiet day in my office
It was a quiet day at work. The beginning of recess. Such a change.

Tuesday: this nightdress is both creepy and amazing
I absolutely adore this creepy creepy nightdress at Peter Alexander.

Wednesday: drinks with work people
In this shot there are two beer glasses, four shot glasses, a wine glass, and a water. Only the wine glass was mine.

Thursday: new sticker
Hollow Bones. I liked this sticker.

Friday: Uncle Silverback is my brother-in-law
Uncle Silverback is my brother-in-law!

Saturday: Jason and Kate's cake
Jason baked this cake for his wife, Kate. She had a Yayoi Kusama themed polka dot birthday party and it was amazing. As was the cake.


The polka dot matches my hair
For the party I stuck gems all over a black dress and made a giant polka dot headdress.
It was so neon I had to re-up the pink in my hair.


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