Princess Camp!

Rochelle made this AMAZING cake
Rochelle’s glorious cake

This past Sunday I went to Princess Camp. It was pretty much the best thing ever.
There were 10 of us, we descended on Amie’s house and found decorations fit for princesses.

Amie's amazing decoration

Amie's amazing decoration
(even Sasha got in on it!)

Sasha wore a bow in her hair! for a bit.

We spent hours watching old recordings of gymnastics, the Spice Girls at the Closing Ceremony, and terrible cheesy dance movies (Step Up 1 and 2 if you MUST know).

Nail painting Laura and Kate

Amie covered her lounge floor in pillows and mattresses. We lounged and painted our nails.

Nail painting Laura and Rochelle

We brought cake and fruit and sweet rolls and cheese and champagne. A lot of champagne.

Max! aka the Snow Leopard

Oh, Sasha

We patted cats and puppies and each other. It was a glorious way to spend a Sunday. I love these ladies so much.

Kim and Sasha

Sasha looking at Stacey and Laura

These puppies! My heart! They are both king charles cocker spaniel cross & just the sweetest things.



High Five!
High Five!


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