366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: family lunch at the botanic gardens
Peace flame.
We had a small family get-together at the botanical gardens to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandfather.

Monday: shoe shopping with the Mrs
I received an email from Craig asking if I wanted to walk home and hold hands and maybe help him buy some shoes. How could I resist?

Tuesday: baking mini pies?
Trying to use up some pastry I tried to make individual apple pies. They kind of worked.

Wednesday: a night at home
Walking home past the iron cabbage trees of the library.

Thursday: Craig helped me dye my hurr
My handy and multi-talented missus helped me dye my roots & bleach the last of the pink out of my hair in preparation for turning it lavender.

Friday: macarons for my birthday weekend
One dozen macarons as birthday weekend treats.

Saturday: rainbow at Recycle Boutique
Dropping clothes off at Recycle Boutique, I love the rainbow of dresses in the window.


Lavender hair!
When I first had the streak put in my hair this was the colour I wanted it. It’s taken months and a lot of bleach and conditioning, but finally finally finally I have the lavender streak I was after.


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