It turns out I find animals very stressful


Craig told me he had a surprise for me on my birthday. I had absolutely no idea. I thought maybe a nice lunch? a movie? shopping? tattoos?
That is, until my sister sent me a txt with multiple animal emoji. Nice one, Jayne.

Gnawing on pear

He had bought me a ‘red panda encounter’ at Wellington Zoo. You go into the enclosure and they climb all over you while you feed them pears and grapes.
Feeding red pandas is not something I would ever ever have chosen for myself.
I mean, the whole point is that they climb on you and you feed them fruit. Neither of these things sounded appealing. I felt like the worst person in the world.


Thankfully, Craig warned the keeper that I was not overly enthused, and helped keep the pandas off me.
I prefer my animals at a distance. And through a lens.


But they are pretty damn cute.

I love the way they hold their food

Chewing Panda


And look! I even fed them a couple of times.

In the photos taken by the zookeeper I look … nervous.

Panda photos taken by the zookeeper

Panda photos taken by the zookeeper

But I couldn’t be too terrified of their little fox faces chewing on fruit. They are pretty much the cutest.

Gnawing on pear

We spent some time in the rest of the zoo as well. Like grown ups.

Lion lady

Little girl watching the lions


It was really close and kind of terrifying.



Panda photos taken by the zookeeper


One comment

  1. suzy · October 25, 2012

    oh garsh. what a cute present!!!

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