Cold Dead Heart.

Bad Ass

On Sunday night I was wincing around the apartment with my newly-tattooed thigh. Every time I sucked breath in through my teeth Craig would look over at my and say “oh, poor baby”*

Me: gah, don’t say that!
Craig: what? why?
Me: don’t feel sorry for me! It’s my own damn fault.
Craig: … I don’t feel sorry for you. It’s called COMPASSION.
Me: … oh.
Craig: hmmmm.
Me: … no wonder I didn’t recognise it?

This probably says more about me than I would care to admit.

*yes, I know, hush, it’s the cutest


Mermaids & Unicorns: New Plymouth Tattoo Festival

Quick departure to New Plymouth

Exploring around the stadium
I landed two hours early in New Plymouth. I ended up at the Stadium … pretty well close to two hours early.

Mount Taranaki
I considered hanging around the stadium carpark. But there’s only so much one can take.

Walked all the way down to the sea
It turns out that New Plymouth IS actually that small. I walked down to the sea.

Light and the sea

All stencilled up by @tattoosbytoby #npfestival

Getting there #bleeding #tattoo #npgonewild

Nicole Draeger at the Tattoo Festival!
I loved this chick’s work – Nicole Draeger from Melbourne.

Crowds and artists

Saturday: Rose Hardy at the Tattoo Festival
Rose Hardy. Seriously. Look at those lady faces! I am so excited for Thursday.

Laura getting tattooed!
Laura named her tattoo Sparkle Pie Ponycorn.

Sunday: arriving back into Wellington

Lorelai, my mermaid
Tattoo by Toby Gawler

Lorelai, my mermaid
I named her Lorelai. Toby told me it’s bad luck to have an unnamed pin up tattoo.

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: ants on the roses
It’s getting warm enough in the evenings now to sit outside before Sunday night dinners with my family.

Monday: Creepers for modelling
Dragged my Underground Creepers to work, I was, of all things, modelling for a magazine.

Tuesday: reach for the sky
This sculpture, though I am ambivalent about rugby, is quite awe-inspiring.

Wednesday: mint treats from America
Our flatmate came home from weeks in America and brought me minty treats.

Thursday: so busy making Ambrosia I almost forgot to take a photo
I was so busy with work and making Ambrosia for a thanksgiving feast I almost forgot to take a photo.

Friday: barely took any photos at Thankspot.
Great friends and amazing food. Any excuse, really.

Saturday: Rose Hardy at the Tattoo Festival
Rose Hardy doing her thing. I can’t wait for Thursday.


Windblown & squintyWashed & ready for @tinkture

Tattoos and Immunofort

Matches my Tattoo

As you read this I am, all things going to plan, somewhere in the air between Wellington and New Plymouth.
I am super excited for this trip. And that is not something you often hear someone on their way to New Plymouth say. But I can explain

So here’s the thing. Somehow I have ended up with a two week period of my life where, again, I’m getting three tattoos. I am so excited.

It’s not quite like July/August where they were all relatively small & most of them were arranged at relatively short notice, these upcoming appointments have been booked for months and are two three hour sessions and one … well, one session that may be two hours or may be three. I have no idea. But they were … opportunities I couldn’t turn down.

In two weeks time I will have fewer annoying blank spaces when I look in the mirror.
(I will also have had 10 tattoos in 2012. Sorry mum)

It’s all because of Laura & the upcoming Tattoo Festival. Why they chose to hold it in New Plymouth, I couldn’t possibly guess. But in New Plymouth it is being held, and to New Plymouth Laura and I are travelling.
(I’m coming straight from Wellington and Laura’s coming from Cambodia and Myanmar/Burma, but that’s an entirely different story)

To be completely fair, part of this did start in December last year.

Rose Hardy
Rose Hardy

I’ve been admiring Rose Hardy’s work for almost as long as I’ve been proactively interested in tattoos. When I heard that she was planning to do a guest session at Sacred Tattoo in July I had my name on the waiting list as fast as I could possibly manage it, while still looking cool (I never look cool).
They said they would get back to me when they had dates sorted.

Toby Gawler
Toby Gawler

A few months passed and, across a bar one night, Laura suggested we road trip up to New Plymouth for the festival in November. That turned into flying but, you know, Cambodia and whatnot. Also: laziness & my inability to drive. But that’s beside the point.
We started researching tattoo artists at the festival & both decided on Toby Gawler. I booked in with him in June.

At the beginning of July I found out that Rose had cancelled her planned mid-year guest session in Auckland. But she was going to the Festival in November.
Agony! I was really looking forward to getting work done by Toby & the last thing I wanted to do was cancel. I would have to let the time with Rose pass. Until they told me that she might be staying on in Auckland for a turn at Sacred. AH!

It wasn’t until the end of October when I found out that yes, Rose was going to Sacred after the festival. But only for a week. But, if I wanted, I could have an appointment. I said yes immediately and started booking flights to Auckland like a mad thing. I also purchased some immune-boosting vitamins on my way home.
I’ve been waiting on this appointment for most of a year! It very exciting.

Destroy Troy
Destroy Troy

Then came Troy.
Troy was pretty close to the top of my tattoo artist shortlist, if Toby didn’t have space for me then … but Toby did have space.
Then Laura told him about my cat face tattoo idea.
Then somehow, through instagram, while I was at a book fair, I had a tentative appointment booked with Troy.

I just … died a little thinking about how all of these improbable appointments came to be.

Today I am on my way to New Plymouth to get tattooed by Toby Gawler. Next Thursday I am going to Auckland to get tattooed by Rose Hardy. On the following Monday I am walking 7 minutes from my house to get tattooed by Destroy Troy.
I’m pretty fucking lucky.

I’ll be taking my immunofort every damn day.

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: book fair
I went to the bookfair and I swore I wasn’t going to buy anything. 7 books for $9 later …

Monday: the end of the year is nigh
2013 calendars all over the place. The end of the year is nigh.

Tuesday: despite the sun, it's been damn cold
Annoying springtime. It may be quite sunny but it’s still damn cold.

Wednesday: stone patterns outside the high court
There are stone spirals outside the Supreme Court. I wonder who put them there.

Thursday: broken umbrella
Broken umbrella. Classic Wellington.

Friday: christmas decorations
Owls! I like these Christmas decorations in a store along Lambton.
(I can’t wait until I can put my tree up!)

Saturday: eerie work corridor
In the office on a Saturday, someone pointed out how ‘The Shining’ these corridors appear in the half light.



366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Family Fireworks
Remember, remember, the fifth of November. But it was the fourth. Our family still let off a few fireworks. It’s a thing.

Monday: Guy Fawkes Fireworks
Then on the actual fifth of November a group of friends met at a house in Oriental Bay and braved the rain to watch the public fire works for Guy Fawkes.

Tuesday: postcards from faraway friends
At the height of my wanderlust I get postcards from far away friends. I die of jealousy.

Wednesday: new public art in Wellington
We have a new sculpture on the waterfront in Wellington. They look like mint green sea doughnuts but they are actually kina.

Thursday: GOBAMA
I spent Wednesday afternoon watching election coverage and then arguing with grouchy republicans on Twitter. Despite not actually being American or living in America a few Republicans apparently think my friend Laura and I are what is wrong with America.

Friday: fire alarm testing
Annual fire alarm checks at our apartment. I had to hang around the apartment until the little old man came to check our place.

Saturday: hot sauce and resting pulled pork
I spent most of the day cooking pulled pork. It takes 6 hours but it is so worth it.


Same old story.

Don’t need no credit card to ride this train …

The hall was beautiful

Almost two weeks ago my friends Rajeev and Dawa got married.
They had a small service on the Friday night and then on the Saturday had the big party with all all all of their family and friends. It was great.

The hall was strung with fairy lights and every table had handmade table runners and groups of handmade candle holders. They worked on a budget and did so much themselves. It was thoroughly impressive.

Table decorations

The other two members of ICW Productions, Chris and Andy, gave lovely speeches but the best part?

Dawa listening to speeches

The best part came just after Rajeev and Dawa spoke to thank everyone for attending.

Rajeev & Dawa. Newlyweds

It was at that point that Rajeev brought out the video he had made in secret to surprise Dawa.
It worked. Pretty much no one, save for the cameraman, knew that this was going to happen. It is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen and I ended up making ugly faces trying to not weep openly.

Also: future Rajeev has pretty sweet dance moves.

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: this Gollum is terrifying
At the Airport to welcome home Laura and Tim, Weta’s Gollum was appropriately terrifying.

Monday: dinner at Pickle
Before a screening of Jurassic Park at The Embassy we had dinner at a fabled new restaurant in Wellington – Pickle. It entirely lived up to the hype. The pulled pork and mac n cheese sliders were amazing. I can’t wait to go back.

Tuesday: day old tattoo
My newest tattoo was still swollen and bruised the day after.
(oh yes – I got another tattoo! more on that when it heals)

Wednesday: Rowan at Rose's birthday
My cousin Rose turned 16 and the family decamped to their house for a home-made pizza party. Their puppy, Rowan, is one of the cutest puppies around.

Thursday: mhmm
Russell Brand is performing in Wellington.
There’s not really much else I can say about that. I am torn.

Friday: headdress for La Boca Loca's Dia de los Muertos party
I made this headdress for the Day of the Dead party in all of about 5 minutes using a headband, a lei, a pair of scissors, and some thread. It came out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Saturday: terrifying Hallowpost decorations
The decorations for the Halloween Party were entirely excellent. Also made by Weta (bookended!) & borrowed from Jo’s work for the night.


Face painting

It was a two costume weekend

On Friday, November 2nd, La Boca Loca, the Mexican restaurant in Miramar, hosted a Day of the Dead party. They had face painting, a photobooth, amazing food, delicious margaritas, and a shrine to all their departed family members. Could I use more commas in one sentence? We shall see.

My Girl Gang and I went along. Laura drank a squid ink margarita. It was brilliant.

Floral headdress

Photobooths are the best

Then, a belated halloween party. With my hair streak determinedly faded out to white blonde I added an extension to the other side of my head, teased the rest of my hair to within an inch of its life, and went as Bride of Frankenstein.
Craig went as Batman.

Hallowpost: Bride of Frankenstein


Hallowpost: Weeping Angel

I think she should make this permanent.

Dancing sushi pieces

Dancing squid

(I love this even if it's entirely out of focus)

Dancing sushi

Effie and the Wicked Witch of the East

The next day I swore, yet again, that I would never ever ever drink punch, ever again.
Let’s see how long it lasts this time.