366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Family Fireworks
Remember, remember, the fifth of November. But it was the fourth. Our family still let off a few fireworks. It’s a thing.

Monday: Guy Fawkes Fireworks
Then on the actual fifth of November a group of friends met at a house in Oriental Bay and braved the rain to watch the public fire works for Guy Fawkes.

Tuesday: postcards from faraway friends
At the height of my wanderlust I get postcards from far away friends. I die of jealousy.

Wednesday: new public art in Wellington
We have a new sculpture on the waterfront in Wellington. They look like mint green sea doughnuts but they are actually kina.

Thursday: GOBAMA
I spent Wednesday afternoon watching election coverage and then arguing with grouchy republicans on Twitter. Despite not actually being American or living in America a few Republicans apparently think my friend Laura and I are what is wrong with America.

Friday: fire alarm testing
Annual fire alarm checks at our apartment. I had to hang around the apartment until the little old man came to check our place.

Saturday: hot sauce and resting pulled pork
I spent most of the day cooking pulled pork. It takes 6 hours but it is so worth it.


Same old story.


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