366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: book fair
I went to the bookfair and I swore I wasn’t going to buy anything. 7 books for $9 later …

Monday: the end of the year is nigh
2013 calendars all over the place. The end of the year is nigh.

Tuesday: despite the sun, it's been damn cold
Annoying springtime. It may be quite sunny but it’s still damn cold.

Wednesday: stone patterns outside the high court
There are stone spirals outside the Supreme Court. I wonder who put them there.

Thursday: broken umbrella
Broken umbrella. Classic Wellington.

Friday: christmas decorations
Owls! I like these Christmas decorations in a store along Lambton.
(I can’t wait until I can put my tree up!)

Saturday: eerie work corridor
In the office on a Saturday, someone pointed out how ‘The Shining’ these corridors appear in the half light.





  1. nenuphars · November 21, 2012

    pretty face

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