Tattoos and Immunofort

Matches my Tattoo

As you read this I am, all things going to plan, somewhere in the air between Wellington and New Plymouth.
I am super excited for this trip. And that is not something you often hear someone on their way to New Plymouth say. But I can explain

So here’s the thing. Somehow I have ended up with a two week period of my life where, again, I’m getting three tattoos. I am so excited.

It’s not quite like July/August where they were all relatively small & most of them were arranged at relatively short notice, these upcoming appointments have been booked for months and are two three hour sessions and one … well, one session that may be two hours or may be three. I have no idea. But they were … opportunities I couldn’t turn down.

In two weeks time I will have fewer annoying blank spaces when I look in the mirror.
(I will also have had 10 tattoos in 2012. Sorry mum)

It’s all because of Laura & the upcoming Tattoo Festival. Why they chose to hold it in New Plymouth, I couldn’t possibly guess. But in New Plymouth it is being held, and to New Plymouth Laura and I are travelling.
(I’m coming straight from Wellington and Laura’s coming from Cambodia and Myanmar/Burma, but that’s an entirely different story)

To be completely fair, part of this did start in December last year.

Rose Hardy
Rose Hardy

I’ve been admiring Rose Hardy’s work for almost as long as I’ve been proactively interested in tattoos. When I heard that she was planning to do a guest session at Sacred Tattoo in July I had my name on the waiting list as fast as I could possibly manage it, while still looking cool (I never look cool).
They said they would get back to me when they had dates sorted.

Toby Gawler
Toby Gawler

A few months passed and, across a bar one night, Laura suggested we road trip up to New Plymouth for the festival in November. That turned into flying but, you know, Cambodia and whatnot. Also: laziness & my inability to drive. But that’s beside the point.
We started researching tattoo artists at the festival & both decided on Toby Gawler. I booked in with him in June.

At the beginning of July I found out that Rose had cancelled her planned mid-year guest session in Auckland. But she was going to the Festival in November.
Agony! I was really looking forward to getting work done by Toby & the last thing I wanted to do was cancel. I would have to let the time with Rose pass. Until they told me that she might be staying on in Auckland for a turn at Sacred. AH!

It wasn’t until the end of October when I found out that yes, Rose was going to Sacred after the festival. But only for a week. But, if I wanted, I could have an appointment. I said yes immediately and started booking flights to Auckland like a mad thing. I also purchased some immune-boosting vitamins on my way home.
I’ve been waiting on this appointment for most of a year! It very exciting.

Destroy Troy
Destroy Troy

Then came Troy.
Troy was pretty close to the top of my tattoo artist shortlist, if Toby didn’t have space for me then … but Toby did have space.
Then Laura told him about my cat face tattoo idea.
Then somehow, through instagram, while I was at a book fair, I had a tentative appointment booked with Troy.

I just … died a little thinking about how all of these improbable appointments came to be.

Today I am on my way to New Plymouth to get tattooed by Toby Gawler. Next Thursday I am going to Auckland to get tattooed by Rose Hardy. On the following Monday I am walking 7 minutes from my house to get tattooed by Destroy Troy.
I’m pretty fucking lucky.

I’ll be taking my immunofort every damn day.


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