Mermaids & Unicorns: New Plymouth Tattoo Festival

Quick departure to New Plymouth

Exploring around the stadium
I landed two hours early in New Plymouth. I ended up at the Stadium … pretty well close to two hours early.

Mount Taranaki
I considered hanging around the stadium carpark. But there’s only so much one can take.

Walked all the way down to the sea
It turns out that New Plymouth IS actually that small. I walked down to the sea.

Light and the sea

All stencilled up by @tattoosbytoby #npfestival

Getting there #bleeding #tattoo #npgonewild

Nicole Draeger at the Tattoo Festival!
I loved this chick’s work – Nicole Draeger from Melbourne.

Crowds and artists

Saturday: Rose Hardy at the Tattoo Festival
Rose Hardy. Seriously. Look at those lady faces! I am so excited for Thursday.

Laura getting tattooed!
Laura named her tattoo Sparkle Pie Ponycorn.

Sunday: arriving back into Wellington

Lorelai, my mermaid
Tattoo by Toby Gawler

Lorelai, my mermaid
I named her Lorelai. Toby told me it’s bad luck to have an unnamed pin up tattoo.



  1. annabelhm · February 22, 2014

    Hey ya, just wondering if you had any more pics from this convention? Namely of Sam Rulz tattooing? 🙂

    • Sarah-Rose · February 24, 2014

      I’ll check when I get home but I don’t have any online so I don’t think I do, sorry!

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