24 Photos.

1st A picture of you
New glasses!

2nd A picture of you at home.
This is how the rest of the night is remembered.

3rd A picture of you with friends.
Photobooths are the best

4th A picture of someone you admire.
Oh no wait, maybe this one is
(my Mama)

5th A picture of you that was taken last summer.

6th A picture of someone you love.
Beautiful boy

7th A favourite picture of you

8th A picture from an excellent evening.
Hallowpost: Weeping Angel

9th A picture of your room.
Saturday: flat viewing AND lease signing
I don’t actually have one.

10th A picture of your favourite animal.
I love stingrays.

11th A picture of your future dreams.
Sunday: Beautiful buildings in Hampstead Heath

12th A picture of someone you miss.
Kat and Dave

13th A picture of some of your favorite things.
Friday: Red Wine and waiting on Laura

14th A picture of you that you did not know that it was taken.
Grumpy cats! (Photo blatantly stolen from @vitamink)

15th A picture of one of your favorite quotes.

16th A picture of you as a child.
Me and Mary, Queen of Scots

17th A picture of you as a teenager.
Sarah-Rose and Craig. Babysize!
I was 16! We had been dating two weeks!

18th A picture of your family.
Trying to get a family shot
Just missing Mama.

19th A picture of you today.
Getting my tatts out at work. Doesn't happen often.

20th A picture of your wish list this year.
I asked for running gear. Who the fuck am I?

21st A picture of you when you are sad.
Gawsh. That song just gets me every damn time.

22nd A picture of you when you are happy.
Blisteringly happy right now. Can you tell?

23rd A photo that best describes your mood today.
Monday: coffee with Amy

24th A photo from a previous Christmas.
Christmas 2010



  1. Bridey · December 9, 2012

    Photo number seven is so sweet.

  2. hungryandfrozen · December 11, 2012

    Ohh, this is filled with so much gorgeousness.
    Perhaps I will do the same on my blog in case I don’t unpack all my kitchen gear in time.

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