366 in 2012 (two weeks in one!)

366 in 2012

Sunday: Warehouse Toy Section
Craig was searching the toy section for a present for a friend’s new baby.

Monday: I didn't choose the scab life, the scab life chose me
I didn’t choose the scablife, the scablife chose me.
(my Rose Hardy tattoo was healing nicely)

Tuesday: House Sitting day
Heading into the last House sitting weeks of the year. Everyone was exhausted.

Wednesday: House sitting and rain
Oh Wellington, early summer is always so rainy.

Thursday: Parliament bookshop closing
The bookshop at the bottom of Bowen House at Parliament is shutting up shop. The closure of bookshops always makes me sad.

Friday: Christmas party season
Started to see Christmas parties around the city. It’s the season.

Saturday: upper Cuba street
I love these buildings in upper Cuba street. They’re slightly falling apart but I adore it.

Sunday: post-audition cupcake and sunshine
We drove around to Eastbourne for an audition and spent the afternoon sitting in the sun by the sea.

Monday: broken front door
Late Sunday night a girl in our building had forgotten her swipe card but it was so late and our buzzer doesn’t work anyway. Then on Monday morning the front door was smashed. I hoped they were unrelated – especially since it wasn’t completely shattered so getting in that way wouldn’t have worked.

Tuesday: Chris bought a LOT of sodas
Our flatmate went on a road trip to Palmerston North and brought back a lot of soda.

Wednesday: 12:12:12
12:12 on the 12th of the 12th.
I couldn’t resist.

Thursday: walking home
The afternoon after the Press Gallery party. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep. But I had a Grimes show to get to.

Friday: post-Grimes christmas lights
Arriving home from Grimes just after midnight with Christmas lights the only illumination.

Saturday: WORLD
Rude gnomes at WORLD.




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