365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Eastbourne for rehearsal
I’m back to multiple trips out to Eastbourne every week for rehearsal. On sunny days it’s quite nice getting there a wee bit early.

Monday: working on my lines
Craig was back at work and I had the house all to myself. So I dedicated my time to learning my lines. After a couple of hours I rewarded my efforts with a cider.

Tuesday: another rehearsal
Another rehearsal at Eastbourne. We rehearse & perform in a school yard.

Wednesday: love these artists
I love these artists. Pinky Fang and Destroy Troy. Troy did my grumpy cat tattoo!

Thursday: I'd pick the floral one. Or the woodgrain.
I couldn’t decide between the floral or the woodgrain.

Friday: BBQ Brisket at Wayward
A group of us went to Wayward Courtyard, a teeny tiny BBQ, beer, and whiskey restaurant in Newtown. The food was uh-mazing. I had the brisket.

Saturday: husband on the street
Craig and I are casually flat hunting. Waiting for an appointment to see an apartment that was actually kind of terrible.


GAH. Off to a terrible start again.



  1. Alisha · January 16, 2013

    Your photos make me want to move back to Wellington!

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