“and recommends by majority that it be passed”

OH it's wonderful being short

Yesterday I tweeted

Today I tweeted

Then I sat there, at my desk, and teared up a little as I read the Select Committee report. If you want to read the full text, and I recommend you do, you can do so here. My favourite excepts are below.

“The Government Administration Committee has examined the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill and recommends by majority that it be passed with the amendments shown.”

“The majority of us consider that marriage is a human right, and that it is unacceptable for the state to deny this right to same-sex couples.”

“The Marriage Act enables people to become legally married; it does not ascribe moral or religious values to marriage.”

“We note that if the bill were to pass it would enable international recognition of relationship status for married same-sex couples.”

“The bill as consequentially amended would enable any transgender people to continue to be married regardless of their gender identity.”

“We note that currently under the law a homosexual or transgender person may legally adopt a child, but same-sex couples may not. Such a position seems absurd.”

“The passion with which submitters made their arguments to us was palpable. We commend all those people who took the time to make a submission.”

“We were impressed by the participation of young people in this debate. We received heartfelt submissions from youth on both sides of the debate. We are heartened that so many of the younger generation, which is so often maligned as uninterested in politics and marriage, chose to involve themselves in this debate.”

I had been having one of those days where I felt insignificant. Now, and you can read most of my submission here, I really really don’t.

The amendments recommended by the Select Committee are to Section 29 and Section 56, and also delays the commencement of the bill.

Section 29.
Section 29 of the Act states: “A marriage licence shall authorize but not oblige any marriage celebrant to solemnise the marriage to which it relates.” The proposed amendment is the addition of a subsection 5A which clarifies this.
Or to be specific
In section 29, insert as subsection (2): “(2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), no celebrant who is a minister of religion recognised by a religious body enumerated in Schedule 1, and no celebrant who is a person nominated to solemnize marriages by an approved organisation, is obliged to solemnize a marriage if solemnizing that marriage would contravene the religious beliefs of the religious body or the religious beliefs or philosophical or humanitarian convictions of the approved organisation.”

Section 56
Section 56 states that it is an offence to impugn or deny the validity of a lawful marriage. The Select Committee has recommended that this section be repealed as “We consider that section 56 is not compatible with the rights and freedoms set out in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 and the Human Rights Act 1993.”
As part of the anti-marriage equality debates there was an article circulated in which the author refers to the “fact” that debate regarding the morality or legitimacy of same sex relations was to be made illegal. It was, of course, is completely untrue. The author used Section 56 of the Act, which already existed in New Zealand law, to back up his assertion.
The Committee also noted ” By recommending the repeal of section 56 in the context of this bill, it is not our intention to suggest that it is appropriate to denigrate any kind of marriage.” which is excellent.

There’s a four month delay in Department of Internal Affairs to prepare for its implementation.


365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Ella was at rehearsal again
Ella the dog is a bored audience member at rehearsal.

Monday: love the design on these postcards that are showing up around the complex
These excellently designed postcards in favour of marriage equality keep showing up around the complex. Brilliant.

Tuesday: waiting for a bus to rehearsal
No time to go home between work and rehearsal.

Wednesday: I adore this ridiculous lamp at Mojo Wakefield
I kind of adore/abhor this ridiculous lamp in the window of Mojo Wakefield Street.

Thursday: an excellent excellent poster
Exquisite design wins me over every time. Adam Page’s poster is exquisite.

Friday: accidental dance party
We ended up at Laura and Tim’s for an accidental dance party. I, drunkenly, took this photo of their poster & exposed brick wall.

Saturday: Enrapture, tape art installation in Civic Square
As part of the Fringe Festival, this tape art installation called Enrapture is taking place in Civic Square.

Pinky Fang vs Nursey No Mercy – Kitty Gang

Nursey stabbing Craig

The moment at which Craig started his initiation into the coolest (not so) little gang in Wellington.

Nursey stabbing Craig

So I have some of the coolest fucking friends around. Not even kidding. Two of them, the inimitable Pinky Fang and Nursey No Mercy (aka Char aka apprentice extraordinaire at Dr Morse Inc, Tattoo Studio) have teamed up for this excellent … art piece? I think that’s what I’d call it.

Sign Up Sheet

Currently there are … 18? initiates. 18 individuals all walking around with these rad similar but different tattoos. All of whom love the work of Pinky & Char.

Tattoos on Dr Morse Inc's walls

Nursey stabbing Craig

Besides which, Craig and I didn’t ever really do anything for our anniversary so why NOT buy each other matching Kitty Gang tattoos?

Kitty gang tattoos

It’s hard to explain, exactly, but we love what we came out with.
I was an OG supporter of the Kitty Gang, buying a drawing from Pinky way back when. I just love her work & I love supporting emerging artists (which partly explains my addiction to Kickstarter) so I’ve had this on my bedside table for months

OG Kitty Gang drawing

Oh and believe me, the unfortunate coincidence of being a member of the Kitty Gang who both adores and is allergic to cats? That’s not lost on me.

Coley and Simon
Fellow gang members Charlotte, Jack, Simon, and Coley.
GCs all.

Craig's pirate kitty

Girly Kitty Gang tattoo

(incidentally, someone in my play the other day asked if he’d spotted the words “intrepid” and “immoral” on my back. As he’s a psychiatrist I seriously considered telling him yes)

365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: first full run of the play
We did the first proper full run of the show, it finally feels like it’s really coming together.

Monday: new toy!
My new toy arrived!

Tuesday: rehearsal - curtains going up
Getting curtains up at rehearsal. There’s a lot of cobbling together but it works.

Wednesday: pretty Hibernian building
I think this is my current favourite building in Wellington, the old Hibernian society.

Thursday: leaving rehearsal early - during the glorious sunset
Sunset past the Days Bay wharf as seen from the bus on my way back into town post-rehearsal.

Friday: house hunting
Wait, strike Wednesday’s words, this villa on The Terrace is currently my favourite building in Wellington.

Nursey stabbing Craig
Nursey gave Craig and I matching #kittygang tattoos.
(more on that tomorrow)



365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: coffee at rehearsal
Black coffee and lines. A long Sunday rehearsal.

Monday: Really? is over the cover up of the creepy demon man graffiti.
Really? was written over the top of the painting over of a terrifying (amazing) human sized demon piece of graffiti. I like to think that the weeping dude with the sponge is equally related.

Tuesday: sunspots before rehearsal
Sunspots at dusk on my way to, yet again, rehearsal.

Wednesday: Waitangi Day. A chandelier at birthday drinks for lovely Megan
It was Waitangi Day and as such a holiday. We gathered at the Southern Cross for Megan’s birthday drinks. There are beautiful chandeliers at the Southern Cross.

Thursday: I always wish I had time to sit on this seat by the sea
I do wish I had the time to sit on this seat by the shore in Eastbourne.

Friday: busker on the waterfron
Buskers by the waterfront. Sometimes they don’t completely bother me.

Saturday: stamp from the night before
Wrist stamp from the night before – we’d been to see one of my brothers-in-law’s band, Neko Ne Zna, perform.


Reflections at work

Bowls, Babes, and Beers

9 days ago (what? I forgot to hit publish!) I went bowling.


Like, old person bowling.


It was not as much like pétanque as I had hoped.


But we played & cheered & drank ridiculously priced booze and it really wasn’t that bad after all.






365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Pink tips on my hair
The purple wasn’t fading fast enough so I just put bright PINK over the top.

Monday: I love that 26C (78F) is a 'heatwave' in Wellington
I love that 26C (78F) is a ‘heatwave’ in Wellington

Tuesday: I do quite like these map cushions
I really quite like these cushions.

Wednesday: up early? to go for a run?
Up early to go for a run before work.

Thursday: Bard in the Yard
Co-opted into taking a few last-minute photos for Bard in the Yard.

Friday: hate the clothes in the window, love the DIY aesthetics
I hate the ‘I sleep with’ t-shirts in the window but I do like the DIY aesthetic of the sign.

Sunday: Bowls
13 friends and I headed out to Newtown to play bowls and drink very very cheap alcohol.