365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Pink tips on my hair
The purple wasn’t fading fast enough so I just put bright PINK over the top.

Monday: I love that 26C (78F) is a 'heatwave' in Wellington
I love that 26C (78F) is a ‘heatwave’ in Wellington

Tuesday: I do quite like these map cushions
I really quite like these cushions.

Wednesday: up early? to go for a run?
Up early to go for a run before work.

Thursday: Bard in the Yard
Co-opted into taking a few last-minute photos for Bard in the Yard.

Friday: hate the clothes in the window, love the DIY aesthetics
I hate the ‘I sleep with’ t-shirts in the window but I do like the DIY aesthetic of the sign.

Sunday: Bowls
13 friends and I headed out to Newtown to play bowls and drink very very cheap alcohol.



  1. hungryandfrozen · February 11, 2013

    I like your sly Wellington street photos, always spying stuff I breeze right past. Also I spy my thighs!

    • Sarah-Rose · February 12, 2013

      That is one thing that taking a photo a day has really helped with – I’m always on the look out for a photo to take.

      & yes. #fan

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