365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: first full run of the play
We did the first proper full run of the show, it finally feels like it’s really coming together.

Monday: new toy!
My new toy arrived!

Tuesday: rehearsal - curtains going up
Getting curtains up at rehearsal. There’s a lot of cobbling together but it works.

Wednesday: pretty Hibernian building
I think this is my current favourite building in Wellington, the old Hibernian society.

Thursday: leaving rehearsal early - during the glorious sunset
Sunset past the Days Bay wharf as seen from the bus on my way back into town post-rehearsal.

Friday: house hunting
Wait, strike Wednesday’s words, this villa on The Terrace is currently my favourite building in Wellington.

Nursey stabbing Craig
Nursey gave Craig and I matching #kittygang tattoos.
(more on that tomorrow)




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