Pinky Fang vs Nursey No Mercy – Kitty Gang

Nursey stabbing Craig

The moment at which Craig started his initiation into the coolest (not so) little gang in Wellington.

Nursey stabbing Craig

So I have some of the coolest fucking friends around. Not even kidding. Two of them, the inimitable Pinky Fang and Nursey No Mercy (aka Char aka apprentice extraordinaire at Dr Morse Inc, Tattoo Studio) have teamed up for this excellent … art piece? I think that’s what I’d call it.

Sign Up Sheet

Currently there are … 18? initiates. 18 individuals all walking around with these rad similar but different tattoos. All of whom love the work of Pinky & Char.

Tattoos on Dr Morse Inc's walls

Nursey stabbing Craig

Besides which, Craig and I didn’t ever really do anything for our anniversary so why NOT buy each other matching Kitty Gang tattoos?

Kitty gang tattoos

It’s hard to explain, exactly, but we love what we came out with.
I was an OG supporter of the Kitty Gang, buying a drawing from Pinky way back when. I just love her work & I love supporting emerging artists (which partly explains my addiction to Kickstarter) so I’ve had this on my bedside table for months

OG Kitty Gang drawing

Oh and believe me, the unfortunate coincidence of being a member of the Kitty Gang who both adores and is allergic to cats? That’s not lost on me.

Coley and Simon
Fellow gang members Charlotte, Jack, Simon, and Coley.
GCs all.

Craig's pirate kitty

Girly Kitty Gang tattoo

(incidentally, someone in my play the other day asked if he’d spotted the words “intrepid” and “immoral” on my back. As he’s a psychiatrist I seriously considered telling him yes)

One comment

  1. Gem Wilder · February 19, 2013

    LOVE them! I’m a current prospect, due to be patched in late March. I’m also a cat fan who’s allergic. Today I found out that my parents sent our (their) two cats – one of whom was named Tattoo – to the SPCA over a month ago without telling anyone, so I’m pretty keen to get my KG tribute.

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