365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Ella was at rehearsal again
Ella the dog is a bored audience member at rehearsal.

Monday: love the design on these postcards that are showing up around the complex
These excellently designed postcards in favour of marriage equality keep showing up around the complex. Brilliant.

Tuesday: waiting for a bus to rehearsal
No time to go home between work and rehearsal.

Wednesday: I adore this ridiculous lamp at Mojo Wakefield
I kind of adore/abhor this ridiculous lamp in the window of Mojo Wakefield Street.

Thursday: an excellent excellent poster
Exquisite design wins me over every time. Adam Page’s poster is exquisite.

Friday: accidental dance party
We ended up at Laura and Tim’s for an accidental dance party. I, drunkenly, took this photo of their poster & exposed brick wall.

Saturday: Enrapture, tape art installation in Civic Square
As part of the Fringe Festival, this tape art installation called Enrapture is taking place in Civic Square.


One comment

  1. hungryandfrozen · February 25, 2013

    Hund! My house! And I do like that lamp (maybe because I can do what the sculpted person is doing)

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