Easiest (Paleo) Pulled Pork … Ever.

See, here’s the thing, I’ve finished the show and still I haven’t quite managed to have a moment to breathe at all. The idea of fiddling with a week and a half worth of photos was just too too much to bear. So tonight you get a recipe for Pulled Pork.
The easiest (and, incidentally, Paleo-friendly) recipe I’ve ever seen.

Paleo Pulled Pork

Paleo Pulled Pork
Recipe by my friend Susan

2kg pork shoulder. If you can, buy it on the bone for extra flavour.
3T of smoked paprika.
3T of salt
1T of dry mustard
1.5T of ground cumin

Combine all the spices and then massage into the pork shoulder.
Leave it in the fridge to marinate – if you can do it overnight that’s ideal, but at least for an hour or two.

Preheat your oven to 150 degrees then put the pork shoulder into the oven for 6 hours in a covered dish.

After 20 minutes, leave it to rest for 20ish mins. Then, with a fiendish amount of glee, get two forks and start shredding the meat. Do your best not to eat it all at this point. It smells and tastes divine.

It really, really does.


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