365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: bright sun at dress rehearsal
Wellington has had some crazy amazing weather. It was blazing hot for our dress rehearsal.

Monday: brighter sun
Palm trees (Cabbage trees?) and Parliament House.

Tuesdau: I can never eat before a show
I can’t eat before a performance. I force myself to eat an apple but that’s about it.

Wednesday: terrifying craft at After School Care
Terrifying terrifying Frankenstein’s monster kind of craft at the after school care.

Thursday: accidentally looking like a creep
Accidentally looking like a creep because I didn’t realise there was someone in the water.

Friday: I expected more of you Hutt Council
Oh, City Council! I expected better of you.

Saturday: final show
Sunshine and strange clouds before our final performance. Au revoir, Eastbourne.

Sunday: high tea
High Tea at Hippopotamus to celebrate Mel’s birthday.

Monday: au revoir photo card
I finally said goodbye to my National Bank photo eftpos card and upgraded to an ANZ debit card.

Tuesday: census
Census! I kind of love the census. It’s like taking a test where you know all the answers.

Wednesday: accidental drunk
Catching up with former colleagues pretty well always leads to me getting untowardly drunk on a week night.

Thursday: blonde stranger outside the gallery
Blonde stranger, blonde building, green sign, green grass.

Friday: brendan playing the accordian
Went to Daddy O’s to watch Brendan and Jesse play some excellent music.

Saturday: beautiful painting from Devon
A beautiful watercolour by Devon Anna Smith.


Mussed jewellery


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