365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Driving back into the City
Driving back into the city after family dinner. The sky stretching forever.

Monday: they've stopped turning the hall light on outside my office
The light in the hall outside my office seems to be either off or extraordinarily dimmer now. I’m already around a corner from anyone else. This just seems ridiculous.

Tuesday: chalk graffiti on the waterfront
Chalk graffiti along the waterfront.

Wednesday: all of a sudden there's a shopping cart in our carpark
All of a sudden there is an upside down supermarket trolley in our apartment building’s carpark. There are hooligans in the building.

I went to my tattoo artist to get the heart tattoo on my thigh coloured in. This painting was on the stairwell where I paused halfway on my way down post-tattoo.

Friday: S'mores Pie!
S’more’s pie! Purchased from Dough Momma this graham cracker, chocolate ganache, and … marshmallow? pie was kind of incredible but SO so rich.

Saturday: had to go back to collect the pie
and then I had to go back to work to collect the pie because of course I did.


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