365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: darling husband wore my favourite t-shirt
On our way home from weekly dinner with my family, Craig wears my favourite of his shirts, and cleans the windscreen of our rarely used car.

Monday: heading home after seeing my Petra
An old friend was visiting from Melbourne. We caught up for drinks and I walked home via this giant statue.

Tuesday: dawn on the waterfront
It is getting darker in the mornings. I don’t mind this so much as I get to see dawn on the harbour more frequently.

Wednesday: golden light makes graffiti lovely
This car park building, despite the lovely graffiti, never looks as good as it does in the light of golden hour.

Thursday: my favourite shop in Wellington
Brown and Co is quite possibly my favourite shop in Wellington. Ostensibly for the “masculine” design aesthetic, the menagerie of taxidermy and overpriced toothpaste in glorious packaging speaks to me.

Friday: 12 hours of The Hour
Good Friday. Three friends and I gathered together to watch all twelve episodes of the inestimable BBC drama The Hour. We drank whisky and ate snacks and swooned over Freddie and Bel and Hector and Marnie and Lix and Mr Brown.

Saturday: free beer
I woke at 7am to a text advising me I had a free beer. I woke again at 9 to a text from Laura telling me it was she who had signed me up and would I like to meet her for a beer?
Free is my favourite amount to pay for Heineken. So we met for beer and to set the world to rights.


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