Rotorua? Rotorua!

This weekend I flew to Rotorua to visit one of my favourite people, Amy. Another favourite, Frith, drove down from Auckland to join us. We’d arranged all this, drunkenly, one Friday night.

Lake Okareka

We spent a … lot of time watching terrible/amazing television as the weather was not stellar. But on Saturday Amy took us around her favourite lakes. I, as always, was dressed appropriately.

Sensible bush shoes

I was also in a short skirt, Black Craft Cult t-shirt, leather jacket, massive scarf, and hoodbats beanie. Amy and Frith were in chucks, jeans, jumpers, and jackets.
I didn’t look out of place at all.

Amy and Frith

Lake Okareka

Lake Okareka

Amy and Frith at Lake Okareka

Lake Okareka

That was Lake Okareka. She then took us to Lake Tarawera where we almost crashed a wedding and Blue Lake where, on the playgroud, Frith tried to convince us she would be excellent on Wipeout.

Amy watches Frith break the dock

We stumbled on a wedding at Lake Tarawera

Lake Tarawera

Wedding decorations at Lake Tarawera

Blue Lake

Blue Lake

Frith climbing
(that’s Frith way up there)

Frith at Blue Lake playground

Blue Lake

Then we watching 10 hours of the show Made in Chelsea. My life has changed forever.
(she says, watching the second day of the Made in Chelsea marathon)


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