Oh, Life

Celebrating homeownership

Last Wednesday Craig and I got the keys to our apartment. We spent that night in our all-but empty rooms with friends and a lot of bubbly wine.

Over the weekend we shifted everything we own from one side of Wellington city to the other. It was my Dad’s birthday and still, when we were left helpless* he and my mum and the sister who wasn’t busy dropped everything to help us.

I’m pretty sure it was Sunday around 3pm when I said to Craig “we really need to vacuum.” We still need to vacuum. Life has been extraordinarily busy this week.

Ill on Monday night, out on Tuesday, out on Wednesday, out on Thursday** … I am not sure when I’ll ever have the chance to get around to that vacuuming.

Saturday: Craig at Auckland Art Gallery

This guy turns 30 today. THIRTY. He remains one of my absolute favourites. My taller and hairier other half. The calm to my crazy. He was 17 when we started dating and I’m hoping I keep on with this pattern of loving and liking him more each year than the one before. It’s pretty damn perfect.

His parents are coming into town this weekend for his birthday party*** and, of course, to see our apartment.
We had better get onto that vacuuming.

We have a ladybird family living in our windows!
(we have ladybirds living in our windowframes! I’m taking this as a good omen)

* friends caught out by the 48 hours film festival, Craig’s general hatred of using movers, my bufty but not THAT bufty arms … all factors leading to helplessness.

** I’m writing this in the time between finishing work and leaving for my Dad’s (and Craig’s) birthday pub crawl (rather, a craft beer tour)

***I’ve come up with the best most ridiculous birthday surprise ever and I can’t wait for him to see it. I’ll tell you all about it after the fact.


365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: soda with Amy
Soda floats and catching up with Amy – she was in town for her Masters graduation. What a smartie.

Monday: heading home from dinner
It’s often hard to tell where the mural ends and the graffiti begins.

Tuesday: sun and haze
Sun and haze across Wellington harbour.

Wednesday: I hate this sign.
I hate this sign. So damn hard.

Thursday: packing with glitter is never appreciated
New specs arrived from BonLook. They packed the box with glitter. Opening that at my desk was … an experience.

Friday: pretty dawn
At certain times of the day Wellington is really quite pretty.

Saturday: road trip to Foxton
Craig and I drove to the bright lights of Foxton for second-hand furniture shopping. I resisted buying these old western novels and also a Nelly Furtado vinyl.

Sister Slipper’s gonna get you …

I’ve always been a fan of ghost stories and decaying buildings.

Fever Hospital

This past Saturday I ended up, along with my youngest sister and my mama, at the long-abandoned Fever Hospital in Wellington.

Fever Hospital

The heritage building has been given to the SPCA by Wellington City Council to use as a new home for its animal hospital and education centre.

Fever Hospital

Fever Hospital

Ahead of starting extensive renovations the SPCA volunteers ran tours of the building -all for the price of a small donation going to the charity.

Fever Hospital corridor

Opened in 1919 to treat TB and influenza sufferers, it was also home to people returning from the war. Later it was used as a chest hospital. Wellington Polytechnic’s Music Dept briefly used a wing in the late 1990s before it stood, abandoned, for the 10+ years.

Fever Hospital

We even got a ghost story or two! When standing in the room where they held corpses before moving them down the ramp at dusk or under the cover of darkness (as if that wasn’t creepy enough) they told us of Sister Slipper – a nurse during the 1970s who was known for, surprisingly, slippers. She’s been spotted about the place.

Fever Hospital

Of course, I don’t really believe in ghosts.

… not really.

Fever Hospital

Mum and Jayne Fever Hospital

Fever Hospital

Fever Hospital

Bolt at the Fever Hospital

Fever Hospital

Fever Hospital

365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: brunch near the motorcycle shop leads to looking at motorcycle
Of course when having brunch within sight of a motorcycle shop we have to go and look at the motorcycles.

Monday: Cut Off.
Beautiful sky and the Town Hall buildings.

Tuesday: poetry on the Waterfront
Poetry near the lagoon. Wellington’s waterfront is really quite lovely.

Wednesday: heading to Back Benches
Heading to Back Benches. It was a Wednesday after all.

Thursday: on our way to find out we'd bought a house
Meeting Craig on our way to meet with the mortgage broker. We didn’t expect to find out we’d got the house. But we did. Best meeting.

Friday: celebratory meal
We’d gone unconditional on the house and I was changing jobs. Craig and I went out for a celebratory meal.

Saturday: heading to Vista Cafe
Ridiculously painfully hung over (we’d celebrated the house with friends. A lot) I walked, slowly, along the waterfront to meet my mum and sisters for lunch.

Checking out the house again. Thankfully we still liked it.

Monday: the evenings are so dark
My first day at my new job and Wellington was deluged.

Tuesday: along the waterfront
First House sitting day in the new job. It was very very dark along the waterfront on the way home.

Wednesday: along Lambton Quay
Dead eyes and woollen hats.

Thursday: new Katherine Mansfield statue
There’s a new Katherine Mansfield statue at Midland Park – the woman of letters. It’s brilliant.

Friday: rain rain go away
More rain! More rain. It’s becoming winter.

Fever Hospital: lights and peeling ceiling
I talked my mum and sister into touring the abandoned Fever Hospital with me.
More on that anon.


Fever Hospital

Grown Ups?

It was at a work party just before Christmas last year when a girl I know was telling me about how had just bought an apartment – her first home.
All of a sudden buying a house seemed a lot less terrifying. I mean, buying an apartment seemed a lot less terrifying.

It also made sense, economically, we’d pay a wee bit more in mortgage than in rent but we’d be able to pay off a debt which in turn would allow us to save more on a monthly basis than we had been. So if we do decide to go travelling again, to move overseas, there’ll be some money with which to buy flights and, you know, live on.

Just like that Craig and I spent the next few months heading from open home to open home.
Last week we went unconditional on a wee art-deco flat in Wellington. If everything goes to plan the settlement date is less than two weeks away and just a couple of days after that? Craig and I will be living in our own (gulp) home.









Don’t worry. There are still no babies on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

This is most frustrating

This is most frustrating.

I had wanted to post my regular 365 in 2013 photos and also tell you about changing my job and, you know, BUYING A HOUSE, but Flickr decided to lock me out of my account for 12 hours.

So you will have to wait. I’m sorry. Here I am surprising you with buying a house and then … nothing.

Well. Not quite nothing.
Please enjoy these instagram photos of our new apartment.


(I pretty much wandered through open homes asking myself “but is this place instagrammable enough?”)