Grown Ups?

It was at a work party just before Christmas last year when a girl I know was telling me about how had just bought an apartment – her first home.
All of a sudden buying a house seemed a lot less terrifying. I mean, buying an apartment seemed a lot less terrifying.

It also made sense, economically, we’d pay a wee bit more in mortgage than in rent but we’d be able to pay off a debt which in turn would allow us to save more on a monthly basis than we had been. So if we do decide to go travelling again, to move overseas, there’ll be some money with which to buy flights and, you know, live on.

Just like that Craig and I spent the next few months heading from open home to open home.
Last week we went unconditional on a wee art-deco flat in Wellington. If everything goes to plan the settlement date is less than two weeks away and just a couple of days after that? Craig and I will be living in our own (gulp) home.









Don’t worry. There are still no babies on the horizon. Fingers crossed.



  1. hungryandfrozen · May 10, 2013

    congratulations x a million, you two, it’s just beauteous.

    I have to admit that you and Craig buying this apartment suddenly made me feel like *I* could buy one, but apparently the rules are changing around minimum deposits, increasing the minimum to 20%. Which is ridiculously unfeasible. But still, one can dream. (That kitchen! That leadlighting in the lounge! That…really soft comfy-looking rug! Swoon.)

    • Sarah-Rose · May 10, 2013

      If it makes you feel any better, the rules were already like that for apartments. There’s only one bank that lends with anything under 25% deposit. Sigh.

      Oh how I wish the rug came with the place! But really, the carpet itself is so new and plush as to be amazing.

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