365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: brunch near the motorcycle shop leads to looking at motorcycle
Of course when having brunch within sight of a motorcycle shop we have to go and look at the motorcycles.

Monday: Cut Off.
Beautiful sky and the Town Hall buildings.

Tuesday: poetry on the Waterfront
Poetry near the lagoon. Wellington’s waterfront is really quite lovely.

Wednesday: heading to Back Benches
Heading to Back Benches. It was a Wednesday after all.

Thursday: on our way to find out we'd bought a house
Meeting Craig on our way to meet with the mortgage broker. We didn’t expect to find out we’d got the house. But we did. Best meeting.

Friday: celebratory meal
We’d gone unconditional on the house and I was changing jobs. Craig and I went out for a celebratory meal.

Saturday: heading to Vista Cafe
Ridiculously painfully hung over (we’d celebrated the house with friends. A lot) I walked, slowly, along the waterfront to meet my mum and sisters for lunch.

Checking out the house again. Thankfully we still liked it.

Monday: the evenings are so dark
My first day at my new job and Wellington was deluged.

Tuesday: along the waterfront
First House sitting day in the new job. It was very very dark along the waterfront on the way home.

Wednesday: along Lambton Quay
Dead eyes and woollen hats.

Thursday: new Katherine Mansfield statue
There’s a new Katherine Mansfield statue at Midland Park – the woman of letters. It’s brilliant.

Friday: rain rain go away
More rain! More rain. It’s becoming winter.

Fever Hospital: lights and peeling ceiling
I talked my mum and sister into touring the abandoned Fever Hospital with me.
More on that anon.


Fever Hospital


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