365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: soda with Amy
Soda floats and catching up with Amy – she was in town for her Masters graduation. What a smartie.

Monday: heading home from dinner
It’s often hard to tell where the mural ends and the graffiti begins.

Tuesday: sun and haze
Sun and haze across Wellington harbour.

Wednesday: I hate this sign.
I hate this sign. So damn hard.

Thursday: packing with glitter is never appreciated
New specs arrived from BonLook. They packed the box with glitter. Opening that at my desk was … an experience.

Friday: pretty dawn
At certain times of the day Wellington is really quite pretty.

Saturday: road trip to Foxton
Craig and I drove to the bright lights of Foxton for second-hand furniture shopping. I resisted buying these old western novels and also a Nelly Furtado vinyl.


One comment

  1. Gem Wilder · May 20, 2013

    For the briefest of moments I considered going to Foxton to get the Nelly Furtado that you left behind. Thank goodness it was but a fleeting desire.

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