365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: knitting
Spending a lot of my spare time knitting.

Monday: bright sunlight & barren trees. Winter
This winter has provided a lot of cold bright days.

Tuesday: heading to Knitting
Knitting near this bar on the waterfront.

Wednesday: heading to work
I do love this wall of teeny ivy on The Terrace.

Thursday: heading home
The end of an exhausting sitting week.

Friday: hexagonal pillar
A last minute photo of a strange hexagonal pillar.

Saturday: terrible weather weekend
Hibernating as the weather packed in.


Self portrait with a scarf

Sunday: baking biscuits
I baked biscuits! The sprinkles were pretty but tasted odd.

Monday: favourite townhouse
I love this townhouse. I pass it when I go home the long way.

Tuesday: beautiful sunset
Sunset so pink it coloured the sea.

Wednesday: the little tree that could
The little tree that could!

Thursday: chocolate and chili
L&P Chocolate. It’s such a weird idea and yet? I kind of adore it.

Friday: Burger on a bone!
Fancy burger for a day off work. It’s served on a scapula with a bone holding it together. It was amazing.

Saturday: pretty flowers in Greytown
Craig and I spent the night in Greytown – celebrating 13 years – and these flowers? I saw them the next day & thought they were pretty.


The pink is back


Life, Death, and the number 13

Tattoo time!


Two nights ago I told a friend I could do with less death around me for a bit.
It’s a very strange time to be in my life and head at the moment.

On Saturday Craig and I went to an engagement party for two of my favourite people.
On Sunday the family cat, the one we thought might actually live forever, finally died.

I’m very very excited about an upcoming trip to Auckland to see more of my favourite people, eat brunch, and get tattooed.
I’m very much regretting that, in the not too distant future, Craig and I may be flying to Auckland for a family funeral.

Monday was the day of the funeral for one of my cousins. Monday was the day Craig and I had been together thirteen years.

Right up until Sunday afternoon I was trying to decide if I would travel to Palmerston North for my cousin’s funeral. It’s difficult, sometimes, to be so close to many of my cousins and yet so distant from others. I felt no real connection to this deceased person, I doubt I could have picked them out of a line up, but they are blood relatives. Actual cousins. In the end I decided that I wouldn’t go. It was rough but I think I made the right decision for me.

I could do with less death around me for a bit.

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

Devon Anna freaking Smith

This past weekend I added to my walking art gallery.
I commissioned Devon Smith to design a tattoo for me based on one of her paintings.
It’s beautiful.

I had it stabbed into my skin by Char at Dr Morse Inc as she’s got skills with lovely delicate drawings and, well, I decided to get it done before I knew Devon was heading to Dunedin to become a tattoo artist herself.

One more session a few weeks from now and it’ll look something like this

Sketch from Devon

I’m pretty damn lucky.

365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: self referential
I love the mirroring of the deco ceiling and the modern lightshade.

Monday: pickle vase!
Many don’t seem to understand just how much I love this silly pickle vase. I took photos until you really could see the word pickle.

Tuesday: post-knitting
The current bar where we knit is near this art. So pretty.

Wednesday: untouched sky
I didn’t punch up the saturation on this photo or anything. The dawn really was this lovely.

Thursday: small garden
Outside our apartment is this terrible dreary wee garden.

Friday: heading to dinner with Craig's aunt
I always enjoy peering into the window of Arty Bees. Especially as I’m not allowed to go inside. I have a book-buying problem.

Saturday: ugh I love those cushions
Hobbling home from getting tattooed I fell, hard for the embroidered puppy pillow.
(it was too expensive)


Wild hair
Wild hair and new tortoise shell glasses.

Oh Winter

I really do enjoy winter. I am, at heart, a cold-weather girl.
However, for event crisp clear morning there are days of grey and gloom and grizzle. Those days I cannot abide.
I struggle with winter, is what I’m saying.

Snow on the Buddha

As such, I am pleased my calendar is filled up. In order to stave off the mean-reds of SAD I have booked myself to the hilt with things to make me smile.

It all starts this Saturday with a brunch. I find that most good things start with a brunch.
After that I have two different tattoos booked, five film festival films, a 29 hour trip to Auckland for friends and art and more brunch, Wellington on a Plate, a hangi night with family, an engagement party, and a weekend away in Greytown.

All of this in the next … five weeks.

And in between it all, should I get bored and cold and despondent, I have warm knitting to keep me warm and my hands engaged.

Winter’s not looking too terribly bleak right now.

Tuesday: freaking winter

Note: the snow photo is from the crazy winter of 2011

365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: current knitting and more wool
My hat as I was making it, and the pretty new wool I bought to knit a cowl.

Monday: love these pigeons
That is a regular sized door and an amazingly oversized pigeon paste-up.

Tuesday: pretty dawn from our steps
Beautiful soft dawn from our apartment steps.

Wednesday: home, relaxing, floral as f*ck
I just really like the floral rug/floral leg juxtaposition.

Thursday: one drink. Became 4.
Coworkers and I went out for one drink. One drink turned into two turned into a few.

Friday: my mama's birthday. I gave her an IOU - I'm making her a scarf
More yarn! Blue hand dyed wool to make a scarf for my mama. I gave her an I.O.U present.

Saturday: prettiest lily
Prettiest lily in the wintery sunshine. It was a lovely day to wander about the city.

I made a thing.

I made a thing! (Misshaped due to hand, I swear)

I really really was not sure that I would ever finish anything when I started knitting. I thought it might have been like all those other times and as soon as I had to do anything more than a straight stitch, I’d balk and run away.

But look! I made a hat! It has a pom pom and I can even fit it on my head!


(that first bump was when I picked it up after two weeks away from knitting. The other bump was when I was knitting while watching a very tense tv episode.)