Oh Winter

I really do enjoy winter. I am, at heart, a cold-weather girl.
However, for event crisp clear morning there are days of grey and gloom and grizzle. Those days I cannot abide.
I struggle with winter, is what I’m saying.

Snow on the Buddha

As such, I am pleased my calendar is filled up. In order to stave off the mean-reds of SAD I have booked myself to the hilt with things to make me smile.

It all starts this Saturday with a brunch. I find that most good things start with a brunch.
After that I have two different tattoos booked, five film festival films, a 29 hour trip to Auckland for friends and art and more brunch, Wellington on a Plate, a hangi night with family, an engagement party, and a weekend away in Greytown.

All of this in the next … five weeks.

And in between it all, should I get bored and cold and despondent, I have warm knitting to keep me warm and my hands engaged.

Winter’s not looking too terribly bleak right now.

Tuesday: freaking winter

Note: the snow photo is from the crazy winter of 2011



  1. hungryandfrozen · July 9, 2013

    ❤ (that is all)

    • Sarah-Rose · July 9, 2013

      And then of course there is Auckland for Wicked in September

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