365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: broken glass
After a Saturday night of noise outside, I was not surprised to find a few broken bottles on our wee street.

Monday: Earthquake damage at work
On Sunday evening Wellington was hit by a 6.5 earthquake. Craig, my sister Jayne, and I all missed it as we were in a car at the time. At work on Monday there was superficial damage which really just showed that the building had behaved as it was designed to do. It didn’t stop it being disconcerting, however.

Tuesday: knitting for Craig
A no-good, very-busy day ended with knitting. It often ends with knitting.

Wednesday: sweet toys near work
These little animals, in a bookstore near my work, are both adorable and slightly incongruous.

Thursday: anxious around scaffolding
Days of aftershocks left me a little anxious around scaffolding.

Friday: city fringe
It was supposed to be a quiet night out. It didn’t quite end up that way.

Saturday: at Rogue and Vagabond
At the Rogue and Vagabond to hear my brother-in-law DJ and we were all obsessed with Frank the bulldog.


I feel strange sans glasses now


Sunday: love this dude
I love this little dude. Spotted as I headed home from a Film Festival film all on my lonesome.

Monday: puppy at the market
Baleful hund at the supermarket.

Tuesday: on my way to knitting
Cool coloured sunset on my way to knitting.

Wednesday: frantic morning, busy day
Frantic morning before a busy day. Not the best photo I’ve ever taken.

Thursday: SMK an acceptable alternative for dinner
After our first dinner venue was closed, Craig and I ended up at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. Their usually surly demeanour was … super friendly. It was almost disconcerting.

Friday: pre-tattoo foot
Forcing myself to eat a proper lunch so I didn’t faint on the tattoo artist.

Amazing plate at Frith's house
This plate exists in Frith’s house and should pretty much tell you everything about why we’re friends.


Post-tattoo, post-crying jag


One comment

  1. hungryandfrozen · August 5, 2013

    hund! Doppelhund!
    Rather love the photo of the broken glass for some reason, I mean not that it’s not a good photo, just the subject matter is, anyway, overexplaining myself here.
    also: nice eyes, you.

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