365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: fancy brunch times at Logan Brown
Friends and I went to Logan Brown for a fancy pants New Orleans style brunch.
Beignets, eggs crawkitty, pecan pie, and a hurricane cocktail.

Mondat: grey day and reaching spires
Walking home and the nights are getting lighter and lighter.

Tuesday: heading to knitting. As per.
Heading to knitting, since it was a Tuesday and all.

Wednesday: fancy icecream for a grown up lunch
Ruth Pretty sold fancy icecream in Midland Park for Wellington on a Plate.
The caramelised macadamia and wattle seed was outstanding.

Thursday: books like this and wrists like mine make me glad for e-readers
Books like this and weak wrists like mine make me pleased for the existence of e-readers.

Friday: earthquake. Emergency wine and emergency water.
2:31pm there was a 6.6 earthquake in Wellington. It was the first one for which I’ve ever actually gotten under my desk. We were shortly thereafter evacuated from our office building and since Craig was at work, a colleague and I decamped to a bar.
I was carrying a bottle of water. Just in case.

Saturday: walking home in the rain. Tulips
I headed out early on Saturday to volunteer at the DCM bookfair. The rain packed in and I saw these flowers on the way home.


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