365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: at Te Papa for Andy Warhol.
Somehow I never make it to exhibitions until right before they close. This time it was Andy Warhol.

Monday: awning design at Zaika
I walk past Zaika a lot and never before noticed their awning design.

Tuesday: dawn through condensation
Another house sitting week begins. Dawn through condensation windows.

Wednesday: I love the colours in this display
Would a purple budgie candle be a frivolous purchase? That’s what I thought.

Thursday: watching politicians play Ripper Rugby
Watching politicians and coworkers playing Ripper Rugby. It’s a thing.

Friday: Laura's cookbook was released and I dashed out to buy one.
The amazing, astounding, inimitable Laura‘s cookbook was released. I braved Lambton Quay at lunch time to get one and, let me tell you, it was worth it.

Saturday: weatherproof paint in a not-so-weather-proof tin
Weatherproof paint in a not-so-weather-proof tin.

Sunday: Crab Shacking it up for Jayne's birthday
Crab Shack-ing it up for my baby sister’s 22nd birthday. It was amazing.

Monday: my coffee shop, after hours
My weekday coffee shop, after hours.

Tuesday: the official release for Laura's book
Headed to a fancy bookshop for the official launch of the Hungry and Frozen cookbook.

Wednesday: heading to the Finale of BackBenches
Golden hour as I head to the finale of Back Benches.

Thursday: clear evening after a rainy day
Freezing cold rainy day faded into a freezing cold clear night.

Friday: Daffodil day. I hate yellow flowers.
Daffodil day. I really hate yellow flowers.

Saturday: checking out the growlers at Black Dog
Craig checking out the growlers at Black Dog brewery. Shopping for Father’s Day.


One comment

  1. hungryandfrozen · September 5, 2013

    Well THOSE were some nice adjectives!

    Love the black shadowy branches against the cold pink and blue sky.

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