365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: sliders at Mama Brown
Sliders at Mama Brown’s. So delicious I ate a lot more than I really could. The rest of that day was fun.

Monday: WOW
It was that time of year again – the World of Wearable Art was in town.

Tuesday: WOW windows.
But I admit. Some of the WOW window displays are kind of cool.

Wednesday: in need of red wine and pasta
Such a day. I was in dire need of red wine and pasta.

Thursday: light in the evenings.
Meeting friends at a bar near work – surprised that the evening was still light.

Friday: late night dinner in Auckland
I ate the most delicious Reuben at the Late Night Diner.

Saturday: getting stabbed by Rachie Tea at Two Hands Tattoo
I spent an hour or so getting stabbed repeatedly by Rachie Tea at Two Hands Tattoo. She was lovely. I ended up with a skull and tudor rose as gap fillers.

Sunday: heading home from Auckland
Flying home from Auckland. I was exhausted.

Monday: American candy from Auckland
When in Auckland we went to the American Store. I bought Candy Corn because I am awkwardly obsessed. It tastes of nothing and yet I adore it.

Tuesday: Body book at the Counsellor's office
Visiting my counsellor. Strange book in the waiting area.

Wednesday: heading home
Pretty cathedral, closed for earthquake strengthening.

Thursday: new tattoo! By Victor McKenney
New tattoo! Greyscale poppies from Victor McKenney. On my hip. It killed.

Friday: gutted bank building
There’s a bank along Lambton Quay that is, it transpires, now almost completely gutted.

Saturday: blackbird
Pretty blackbird, hunting for food.

Sunday: family birthday celebration
My family put black and silver decorations around the house for my family birthday celebration. It was lovely.

Monday: new Stephen King!
The new Stephen King arrived! It’s now third on my books-to-read list. Sigh.

Tuesday: birthday blossoms
I turned 30 and noticed pretty blossoms on the way to work.

Wednesday: poetry and liquor from lovely people
Beautiful poetry and lovely liqueur from Laura and Tim.

Thursday: birthday peonies
Birthday peonies from Kate and Jason, possibly my favourite flower.

Friday: night light street light
Night light, street light. Heading from one party to another.

Saturday: the peonies opened!
My birthday peonies bloomed beautifully.


Stolen. My hair was stolen.
Hair cut. Clavi cut.


One comment

  1. hungryandfrozen · October 15, 2013

    Oh, my handwriting! What even is it? But it’s the words that count.
    All those blooms are just the prettiest.

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