365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: oh fuck.
Yea. This is the reason there was no Saturday photo. Poor wee lens.

Monday: Labour day!
Long long long weekend. I went to brunch with pals and waited for someone to get back into town.

Tuesday: is it wrong that I almost want this shirt?
It’s probably wrong that I kind of want this shirt, right?

Wednesday: it hadn't seemed like rain when I left in the morning
I swear, it was sunny when I got dressed and left the house. Do I seem like the kind of person to read a weather report?

Thursday: WLG is a graveyard of battered umbrellas
Halloween night after a stormy Wellington day. Rubbish bins as umbrella graveyards.

Friday: bright grey light, bright decrepit building
In my neighbourhood, bright grey light on a bright decrepit building.

Saturday: sun sun sun and the Chocolate Fish cafe
The sun was out so we drove out to the Chocolate Fish Cafe and ate sandwiches in the sun.

Sunday: taking photos for BCTT
Helping out BCTT by taking a few promo shots for their next Mamet production.

Monday: sunstrike heading home
Heading home. Sunstrike from the building across the street.

Tuesday: grand building post-knitting
I always forget about this building but I also always adore the entrance.

Wednesday: a fireplace and seats beside it
Meeting a friend for one wine between work and evening meetings, we chose the seats by the fire.

Thursday: accidental over ordering
I pre-ordered one in May then apparently forgot and pre-ordered another copy in July. I also both started and finished it on Saturday afternoon.

Friday: heading out in the sun
Ugh these flowers. They’re so cheery.

Saturday: reflections
Strange levels and stranger reflections. Walking down The Terrace.


Prescription glasses and a sour look


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