365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: cult life lunch at Laundry
Our friendly little cult regained two travelling members so we gathered at Laundry for a lunch of burgers and laughing at the patriarchy.

Monday: decorations are popping up around the complex
Christmas exploded at the office.

Tuesday: poor broken sign
For once it wasn’t my street sign that was broken. The uni students, it seems, aren’t quite all gone yet.

Wednesday: I love this guy's work
This guy! I love his work.

Thursday: Poor Paul Walker
I was quite sad that Paul Walker died. I enjoy the Fast and the Furious movies both ironically and not.

Friday: Cult Xmas Dinner
Cult life Christmas dinner at the home of the inimitable Laura and Tim. Featuring hand-drawn menus by the glorious Kate. Bonus photo!

Cult Xmas Dinner

Saturday: drinks at the vogue and ragabond
Met up with my sisters for drinks at the Vogue and Ragabond.

Sunday: audition. I didn't get a part.
I auditioned for Romeo & Juliet. As sometimes happens, the director couldn’t cast me. Next time!

Monday: I love this sign on Egmont St
Dashing by to get some Hungry and Frozen cookbooks signed, I stopped to take a photo of this lovely sign.

Tuesday: a present arrived JUST in time
The second half of a birthday present decided to leave it until the last possible moment to arrive. Frustrating. But at least arrive it did.

Wednesday: not sure why this car was there but it's v cool
This car was advertising a clothing store. I’m not sure why it was parked exactly there, in that alley, but it looked pretty damn cool.

Thursday: how did they know??
It was the night after quite a large party. I wasn’t sure how Wishbone knew but I didn’t like it.

Friday: Sign making for Palmerston North
Constructing a sign to take to Palmerston North to support a drummer pal, Libby, and her pipe band.

Saturday: in Palmerston North for Libby
That’s Libby, closest to the camera, and the rest of the Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band drum corps.




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