365 in 2014


Sunday: hangover craving
Sometimes, on a Sunday, if you ended up drunker than you’d intended on Saturday night, all you feel like by 6pm is traditional cola and chinese food.

Monday: back to work. Let out early
First day back in the office for 2014! First time walking past this hydrangea on my way home from work for 2014! Trying to muster enthusiasm for a job I enjoy but not as much as being on holiday!

Tuesday: Tabor Tee - Wolf Pal
I adore sweet brands which include notes with their orders, especially when they also include temporary tattoos, and sell a t-shirt with a killer wolf face on the front and their name, WILDFANG, on the back.

Wednesday: elephants, Klimt, and Schiele
Elephants, Klimt, and Schiele. A still life.

Thursday: "bunking off" only not really
Taking leave unexpectedly on a summer weekday afternoon is to be recommended.

Friday: I have no memory of taking this photo
I … I have literally no memory of taking this photo. I remember being at drinks before hand, and I remember hanging out and talking at the next venue, and the rest of the night, but this moment? Gaping black hole.

Saturday: Luxterity brunch
In the year of austerity (lux-terity) gathering friends together for a pot-luck brunch is an excellent idea, especially if they are friends like mine.


I'm going to try to be better this year.


Oh, I forgot to mention: Pipe Bands in Palmerston North

You know, I mentioned it in passing during one of my many many 365 in 2013 posts, but during one extremely warm weekend in December, I travelled to Palmerston North to see my exceedingly talented pal Libby compete in a Pipe Band competition.

Don't drop the bass.

This was a massive deal for me as I’ve always always hated bagpipes. To the extent that when they get too close to me I burst into tears.
It’s a physical reaction, they aren’t tears of terror or anything, just completely bizarre.

Libby and the Tenors

But I love Libby, and I wasn’t going up alone but with a more-than-lovely friend, and we decided we would make signs! Be pipe band groupies! Drink beers in the sun! It was ever-so-much fun.

Pipers "tuning"

Also, we were the only ones there with signs. So I think we win.

Libby, Pip, and the signs we made

The NZ Police pipe band were there

Judges. Judging.

Other people were paying attention too

Holding a sign while they marched

Post-piping debrief

365 in 2014


Just a short one to start 2014.

Wednesday: wild and stormy Janiary 1
January the first was wild and stormy. I spent hours curled up in bed and then curled up on a couch with a good book. Later, the sun came out and we ate BBQ and sat by a brazier.

Thursday: at home for a change of scene
A wee skull. I must have been home.

Friday: wine and cricket and crime procedurals
Quiet Friday nights call for just a glass or two of wine, conversation, and crime procedurals.

Saturday: Lyall Bay after Brunch
Lyall Bay after brunch at Maranui.


Blast. I shall be better at this in 2014. I swear.

365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Visitor cat trying to make a new life in my laundry fort
Hanging out home alone when a loud meow came from the front door. This cat, who it turns out I also photographed in June, scooched inside and wandered about my house for five minutes while I tried, in vain, to herd him out. After trying to make a new life in my laundry fort, I finally managed to make him leave.

Monday: leaving the present til the last minute is sometimes my downfall. Thankfully not this time!
I left this present, one of the most dear to me, until possibly a little close to the last minute. But it arrived and it was perfect.

Tuesday: dark wood, silver jewellery
My silver rings, mainly Meadowlark lives in one silver lined bowl on my dresser. I really must organise it more.

Wednesday: Christmas Day Trivial Pursuits
Christmas Day! Family times at Trinity with Trivial Pursuits and petanque and wine.

Thursday: MENACES! Across from my street
MENACES! This graffiti is across the road from my street. I’m sure that’s a coincidence.

Friday: dead city
The weather was quiet and the city was dead. I headed out to the supermarket but otherwise did not leave my bed.

Saturday: I would dearly like one of these Baddies t-shirts
I would dearly like one of these Baddies t-shirts. But the year of austerity beckoned.

Sunday: rain and a good book
I purchased this book after brunch. The rain that afternoon and the next day meant I finished it in around 27 hours. Plus, it’s rather engrossing.

Monday: rain and my lounge
I spent the day in my living room with Wake and this orchid. Unrelated.

Tuesday: the final day of 2013! And it was sunny!
The final day of 2013. I headed up the coast to Hokio Beach and a beach house far from cell service let alone wifi. The sun and the wind were out in force.
I saw in the New Year with aging hippies, someone more-than-lovely, and a lot of wine. Woodsmoke and seasalt and a smile on my face.

RIP 2013

Wednesday: teeniest crystal skull

Every time I tried to think properly about this year that has passed all I got was a ringing in my ears. In so many ways this has been the best and worst year of my life. And I’m getting old, so that’s saying a lot.

I can’t bring myself to look back at resolutions or write about anything let alone everything that happened this year. Because, truly, it felt like Everything happened this year.

I’ve ended 2013 feeling happy, free, honest, thinner, more colourful, more nourished.
Also, probably, less healthy and with a sense of sweet sadness. There must be a German word for that feeling.

There is a German word for my feelings about 2014: vorfreude. A form of anticipation that imagines future pleasures.

I did keep a running tally of Very Good Things that happened in 2013. Here are just a select few:

x Miracle berries
x woodfired pizza
x Shakespeare plays
x seeing a beached shark get rescued
x that time Mermaids played the Pitch Perfect soundtrack on the street
x Kitty Gang tattoos
x Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars
x my new job!
x ten hours of Made in Chelsea
x buying an apartment
x commissioning a tattoo from Devon Anna Smith
x knitting circle
x Wellington storms – the survival thereof
x coming out to Craig and he was the MOST supportive
x “You’re modern art to me.”

I think I’ll keep this up for 2014.