365 in 2013

365 in 2013

Sunday: Visitor cat trying to make a new life in my laundry fort
Hanging out home alone when a loud meow came from the front door. This cat, who it turns out I also photographed in June, scooched inside and wandered about my house for five minutes while I tried, in vain, to herd him out. After trying to make a new life in my laundry fort, I finally managed to make him leave.

Monday: leaving the present til the last minute is sometimes my downfall. Thankfully not this time!
I left this present, one of the most dear to me, until possibly a little close to the last minute. But it arrived and it was perfect.

Tuesday: dark wood, silver jewellery
My silver rings, mainly Meadowlark lives in one silver lined bowl on my dresser. I really must organise it more.

Wednesday: Christmas Day Trivial Pursuits
Christmas Day! Family times at Trinity with Trivial Pursuits and petanque and wine.

Thursday: MENACES! Across from my street
MENACES! This graffiti is across the road from my street. I’m sure that’s a coincidence.

Friday: dead city
The weather was quiet and the city was dead. I headed out to the supermarket but otherwise did not leave my bed.

Saturday: I would dearly like one of these Baddies t-shirts
I would dearly like one of these Baddies t-shirts. But the year of austerity beckoned.

Sunday: rain and a good book
I purchased this book after brunch. The rain that afternoon and the next day meant I finished it in around 27 hours. Plus, it’s rather engrossing.

Monday: rain and my lounge
I spent the day in my living room with Wake and this orchid. Unrelated.

Tuesday: the final day of 2013! And it was sunny!
The final day of 2013. I headed up the coast to Hokio Beach and a beach house far from cell service let alone wifi. The sun and the wind were out in force.
I saw in the New Year with aging hippies, someone more-than-lovely, and a lot of wine. Woodsmoke and seasalt and a smile on my face.


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