365 in 2014


Sunday: hangover craving
Sometimes, on a Sunday, if you ended up drunker than you’d intended on Saturday night, all you feel like by 6pm is traditional cola and chinese food.

Monday: back to work. Let out early
First day back in the office for 2014! First time walking past this hydrangea on my way home from work for 2014! Trying to muster enthusiasm for a job I enjoy but not as much as being on holiday!

Tuesday: Tabor Tee - Wolf Pal
I adore sweet brands which include notes with their orders, especially when they also include temporary tattoos, and sell a t-shirt with a killer wolf face on the front and their name, WILDFANG, on the back.

Wednesday: elephants, Klimt, and Schiele
Elephants, Klimt, and Schiele. A still life.

Thursday: "bunking off" only not really
Taking leave unexpectedly on a summer weekday afternoon is to be recommended.

Friday: I have no memory of taking this photo
I … I have literally no memory of taking this photo. I remember being at drinks before hand, and I remember hanging out and talking at the next venue, and the rest of the night, but this moment? Gaping black hole.

Saturday: Luxterity brunch
In the year of austerity (lux-terity) gathering friends together for a pot-luck brunch is an excellent idea, especially if they are friends like mine.


I'm going to try to be better this year.


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