Oh, I forgot to mention: Pipe Bands in Palmerston North

You know, I mentioned it in passing during one of my many many 365 in 2013 posts, but during one extremely warm weekend in December, I travelled to Palmerston North to see my exceedingly talented pal Libby compete in a Pipe Band competition.

Don't drop the bass.

This was a massive deal for me as I’ve always always hated bagpipes. To the extent that when they get too close to me I burst into tears.
It’s a physical reaction, they aren’t tears of terror or anything, just completely bizarre.

Libby and the Tenors

But I love Libby, and I wasn’t going up alone but with a more-than-lovely friend, and we decided we would make signs! Be pipe band groupies! Drink beers in the sun! It was ever-so-much fun.

Pipers "tuning"

Also, we were the only ones there with signs. So I think we win.

Libby, Pip, and the signs we made

The NZ Police pipe band were there

Judges. Judging.

Other people were paying attention too

Holding a sign while they marched

Post-piping debrief


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