365 in 2014


Sunday: I ran round the bays!
I ran in the Wellington Round the Bays as part of a team raising money for community suicide prevention, education, and research (CASPER). We were 18 strong, and I ran 6.5km in 46 minutes or thereabouts.

Monday: unappetising sushi
The sushi place near my work always looks quite unappetising.

Tuesday: love this sentiment
I am an unapologetic caffeine addict. As such, I love this sentiment.

Wednesday: money for stabs
Getting out money for my new tattoo – it feels so strange paying hundreds in cash not card.

Thursday: drinking with pals
Favourite bar near work – catching up with lovely people.

Friday: freezing in Northland
I ended up waiting for a ride in Northland. It was one of the first days of autumn and it was FREEZING cold.

Saturday: on my way to stabs
Up early on a Saturday morning – walking to get stabbed repeatedly with ink.

Sunday: in the Valley
I went to one of the nicest parts of the Hutt Valley – the park and cemetery around the Hutt Library.

Monday: downpour
A sudden downpour left me sodden on my walk home.

Tuesday: a rose on The Terrace
I love these roses. They grow on The Terrace and always both uncared for and artlessly lovely.

Wednesday: red carnations never die
Red carnations going strong since Valentine’s day.

Thursday: tourist
Heading out to lunch and playing at being a tourist.

Friday: heading to listen to a physicist!
After work on Friday I dashed to the far end of town to listen to Marcus Chown, astrophysicist, talk about everything.

Saturday: nice wine and a dinner party
Taking a nice bottle of wine to a dinner party like a fucking adult.

Sunday: hunting dinosaurs at Zealandia
Hunting dinosaurs and ancient birds in Zealandia for hours.

Monday: more drinks. Same place.
That same old bar, same old wine, same excellent company.

Tuesday: Power Plant at the botanic gardens
Walking around illuminated Botanic Gardens at night – Powerplant at the New Zealand Festival.

Wednesday: mural on the way to An Iliad
I adore this mural. Opera House lane on my way to see Denis O’Hare in the one-man production of An Iliad.

Thursday: boxes.

Friday: heading to Kristy's
Bizarre wee fountain at the top of Plimmer’s Steps.

Saturday: wool for my first ever baby blanket
I bought wool to knit my first-ever baby blanket.


I just shed a tear. I’m so unprepared.

Gettin' stabbed

This past Saturday I spent oh just so many hours getting stabbed. I had mentally prepared for three hours work but by the time all was said and done, I’d been under the needles for close to four and a half hours.
You mentally prepare for the pain of getting tattooed. That hour and a half for which I’d not prepared was some of the worst tattoo-pain I’ve ever experienced.

As always, though, it was completely and utterly worth it.

New peacock by @brooketattooer! (plz get all your cock jokes out now)
(tattoo by Brooke Newnham of Tattoo Machine)

He doesn’t have a name, my wee peacock friend, but I would like to point out a few things:
1. I only just found out there’s a Katy Perry song called Peacock
2. Yes I’ve heard the “but I thought you gave up the cock” joke already.
3. No, it wasn’t even funny the first time.
4. Okay maybe a TINY bit funny but ONLY the first time.
5. I really hate that song.

He’s important to me, and you know what? I’m not sure that this time I feel like sharing it. Isn’t it enough he’s so damn pretty?