I’m not dead. I’m just busy

Early morning #blackcatselfie Gf drew us (& the feesh) in a farewell card & it's the cutest thing but also gah my look is too velma.

So. Life. It’s amazing and crazy and busy as all hell.

I have seriously seriously forgotten about this wee little website recently and, well, forgotten is definitely not the right word. I’ve just not prioritised it very highly.

I’ve been busy at work, and somehow all my non-work time is getting filled up with … I’m not even sure what. The sum of it all is? May to August #dead

Don’t think I’ve been forgetting to take photos! Because I haven’t. I’m almost certain I haven’t even missed a day. But I spend my weekends hanging with this cute girl, learning to drive, various alcoholic beverages, and not a lot of time in front of my laptop screen.

I’m going to do better though, I swear. I’ve been taking a photo every since day since 2009 and I think I want to round out the full half-decade at least.


And you know, I suspect next year might be even more eventful than this one. I mean, there are plans and possibly they involve a whole bunch more travel. They certainly involve the wedding of one of my dearest ever pals.

Life is good.

Nature! Nature! Everywhere! Lord how I love the packaging of @lonelyheartslabel #sabel #lingerie #redordead

Hmm. Perhaps, in October, I’ll write about what a year as an out lesbian has been like. That might be interesting.
Coming out at 30 has been … I’ve found it super comforting to read about the experiences of other people who have come out later in life. Perhaps I can be a comfort to someone else.
But then, maybe it’s all been too easy for me. Maybe there’s nothing for me to add.