I like your face. I like selfies

I am unapologetically pro selfie.

Wandering Eastbourne in the rain.

I like my face. I like your face. I like the faces of my friends and family. I want to see more of them.

I wasn't even drunk

I want to see what you do and where you go. I want to see your adventures and your joy.

Yea democracy #etcetc

I want to see you when you think you look beautiful.

These specs, man.

Or when you think you look like a cute alien.

Feeling a bit like a cute alien this morning.

I like selfies.

International Woman of Mystery

Caveat: of course this is not to be at the detriment of an experience. You can do both. I want you to do both. And if you didn’t presume that from the outset then I just don’t know what to do with you.



  1. hungryandfrozen · January 22, 2015

    ❤ I heart this and you heaps and selfies of course.

  2. katinedinburgh · January 22, 2015

    Yes to all of this. And I need to post more – I admit I check how many I’ve posted recently before I do. Must not be so self-conscious. ❤

  3. Frith Hughes · January 23, 2015

    i like your face, too! x

  4. Jo · February 1, 2015


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