About Oh, Sarah-Rose

Hi there.

My name is Sarah-Rose and when I started this wee little website I was a newlywed. I am now both separated from my husband, and gay.

It followed my then-husband and I on our travels around the world. To South East Asia, to London, to America, to Japan, back to America, back to Europe, back to New Zealand.
It saw seven wedding anniversaries and no children. It saw one separation and one coming out.

Well, two if you count the time I reminded everyone I was bisexual. Hahaha. Ha.

In 2013 it saw me come out as gay. Since then it’s seen me feeling happy in my skin and sexuality. Happier than I think I’ve ever really been.

It has followed me from bare skin to thirty tattoos. Thirty three now? I’ve pretty much lost count.

Now it’s following me as I’ve moved back to London. We’ll see where it follows me next.

I do like having you here.

xoxo Sarah-Rose



  1. Sarah Rose · August 30, 2012

    Found your blog through a google search. seems we have the same name (though Rose is my middle name but people call me by both). 😉

    • Sarah-Rose · August 30, 2012

      Hi! You make the fourth Sarah Rose I know. Not that I’m collecting them or anything …

  2. Emilie Johansson · October 17, 2012


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  3. balthazaar42 · September 2, 2015

    Good afternoon
    I am trying to contact Sarah Rose with regard to a picture she posted on Flickr. We at the Parliamentary Library are interested in using it for a publication and would like permission. Do get back to us.
    And yes the Pitt Rivers is Oxford’s highlight. Look out for the Dodo.

  4. Jasper · January 21, 2016

    Hey Sarah,
    I am Aussie in basically the same spot you were when you petitioned for Irish citizenship. If you have a spare moment, could you email me at: jasper.sugars@yahoo.com.au – I would love some more information on how you did it (who you wrote to and what documents, etc).



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