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Devon Anna freaking Smith

This past weekend I added to my walking art gallery.
I commissioned Devon Smith to design a tattoo for me based on one of her paintings.
It’s beautiful.

I had it stabbed into my skin by Char at Dr Morse Inc as she’s got skills with lovely delicate drawings and, well, I decided to get it done before I knew Devon was heading to Dunedin to become a tattoo artist herself.

One more session a few weeks from now and it’ll look something like this

Sketch from Devon

I’m pretty damn lucky.


LOST BiRD and The Concerned Residents

On Monday night Craig & I headed to the Botanic Gardens with a few friends for a picnic and to listen to some music. See, Wellington has this thing where in summer local bands perform in the gardens. For free. And you can take a picnic blanket and food and booze and just have the loveliest time.

This night we saw LOST BiRD and The Concerned Residents.

It was a deliberate decision to attend, our flatmate and good friend is in The Concerned Residents and it was their first proper gig. Very exciting. Thankfully their opening act, LOST BiRD (aka Ali Whitton) was also delightful and endearing.

Ali Whitton aka Lost Bird was endearing

Lost Bird (Ali Whitton) from Sarah-Rose Burke on Vimeo.

Ali Whitton aka Lost Bird

The Concerned Residents & their enthusiastic posse
The Concerned Residents quickly gained a small crowd of small dancers. They made up for it with enthusiasm.

Ever the photographer

The Concerned Residents from Sarah-Rose Burke on Vimeo.

Chris & the Melodica

The Concerned Residents

The Concerned Residents

Finale (?) of The Concerned Residents from Sarah-Rose Burke on Vimeo.

this dude LOVED The Concerned Residents

They also have light installations up in the gardens so after the show we went for a little wander …

Loved seeing the botans all lit up

Lamps in the trees

Light installation

Light Installation in the duck pond

Light Installation in the duck pond

Light Installation in the duck pond

Disco ball tree

Purple lights

Wellington can be really quite lovely sometimes, you know?

A few of my favourite things: Devon Anna Smith

I just had to share this with you.

Dream Tattoo by Devon Anna Smith

One of my all-time favourite artists, Devon Anna Smith, did a run of temporary tattoos. I just broke into my pack to use the first. I chose the cat-face. It’s such fun.

It is becoming awkward, this obsession of mine, as Devon is a lovely lovely girl who I’ve managed to stalk on both twitter and instagram and almost in real life as well. I feel like the biggest dork. But, I mean, just look at her art. How can I not be obsessed?

Saturday: new print from Devon Anna Smith

Tuesday: my Devon Anna Smith original arrived!

I mean really!

Dream Tattoo by Devon Anna Smith

I think I might make this one permanent.

Devon Anna Smith: etsy