Dressember day 31

Cashmere love for the final #dressember

Cashmere sweater and sheer midi skirt because Wellington has decided that it s NOT summer. 

And finally?

Ending #dressember with a bang

Favourite LBD for New Years Eve. 

Don’t tell Amy but chances are that, come tomorrow, I will be found wearing jeans or shorts. Weather dependent. 


Penultimate! Dressember day 29 and 30

Day #29 (TWENTY NINE!!) of #dressember

Purple flowers for a boring day of errands.

<3 It was my boots! And they are amazing.

Day 30, the penultimate #dressember

White t-shirt and sheer midi skirt.

Today? today we spent an hour at the travel agency. Craig and I are planning a European Excursion for April/May 2012. I am ever so excited. We just need to work out the … employment side of things and then we’re going to book!

So so excited.

Dressember day 27 and 28

#dressember day 27

Linen mini skirt, white cami, & a faux miu miu jacket printed with birds. 

My jacket is printed with birds

I am so sick of #dressember (day 28)

My “I just blue myself” dress. 

I am so very very ready for Dressember to be over. Not because I wouldn’t be wearing dresses but because, oh lord, it has been agony stuck taking these terrible photos every day. Don’t even get me started on posting them here. I hate myself SO MUCH. 

<3 Boxing Day with the cousins
Starting in on one of my xmas presents Brunch times!
Karen Walker Runaway Girl <3 Can I be bothered to go out for coffee?

Dressember day 25 & 26

Purple dress for #dressember 25

Purple dress from Forever 21 Hawaii for Christmas day. 

I inadvertently matched both my xmas present from my adorable husband AND my lovely mama’s xmas table colour scheme. I love matching. 

! @meadowlarknz & #thewire from my Mr Backyard croquet

Sheer black shirt dress for #dressember day 26

Sheer black shirt dress from Cotton On – perfect for two Boxing Day events. More food! More sun! More cider!

Dressember day 24: Christmas Eve Styles

Found a dress I hadn't worn before! #dressember day 24

Blue and white stripes from asos

I found a dress I’d completely forgotten about – a brief reprieve from repeats. I’d forgotten about it because, honestly, I don’t really like it. 

Annoyingly enough I received … many compliments on this dress. From twitter, from my husband, from the girl at my coffee shop, it was baffling. 

I still don’t like it. 

About to brave the supermarket - need a coffee first Xmas presents all wrapped, finally.
Everyone's in the Xmas spirit Out for lunch
Beaching it on Christmas eve Classic me. At least my tattoo isn't sunburnt
Wine & Hugh Grant!
Christmas Eve
pre-supermarket coffee / presents finally all wrapped / local art in the xmas spirit / lunch at Beach Babylon / hanging on the sand / priority: don’t get the tattoos sunburnt / finishing the evening with Christmas movies & wine.

Dressember day 21

Day 21 of #dressember

Striped low back shirt & sheer pleated midi skirt. 

Today Wellington was beautiful but the wind was bitter. Warm enough that my jackets all felt too heavy, but too cold for short sleeves. This outfit was perfect for doing all all all of my Christmas shopping. 

Love this! #graffiti #wellington

Dressember day 20

Day TWENTY of #dressember. Only 11 to go.

Watercolour cami by Portmans, linen mini skirt by Glassons. 

I am coming dreadfully close to repeating dresses. Or entire outfits. I could always just make like Amy & start wearing very-much-evening dresses in the middle of the day. But … I guess we’ll see tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I have to do all of my Christmas shopping & I can’t think of a single dress I own & have not already worn that will suit. 

I think this is the epitome of a #firstworldproblem. I am ridiculous. 

It's 4:22. This is acceptable, right? I'm going with yes!

Dressember day 19

All black for a grey day #dressember day 19 The jumper has a lace back #dressember day 19

Portmans lace insert jumper & cotton on sheer black skirt.

Summer is still not playing along. I am mad at the weather in New Zealand. But! Seeing as how I’ve decided that I am officially on holiday until the new year, this was the perfect excuse to spend the day watching The Wire.

I may be late to the bandwagon but damn if I am not jumping straight on.