Potentially dead


One girl, two passports, four houses, six jobs, and seven countries, in five years.

And this website.

You know, the longer it goes without hitting publish, the harder it gets. I’ve been sitting on hundreds of photos, from every day this year, and now all of a sudden we’re halfway through November and what am I going to do? Swamp you? Give up?
These seem like my only options.

I’m still not sure what I’m doing here. I miss posting photos. But also I’ve become reticent about sharing so much of my life online.

(That being said, my girlfriend & I are moving to London next April and I couldn’t be more excited)

So in essence, I’m on a break. I’ll be back from time to time.
When it feels a pleasure, not a chore.

You can still follow me on twitter or instagram.

In the meantime, I hope you’re well.



Radio Silence

My leg, @simonerl flash, stabbed by @richardwarnocktattoo at @twohandstattoo (photo by Richard as well) #witchlife #feeshlifeStabbed by the fab @richardwarnocktattoo today

Oh hi there
I know I’ve been tremendously lax with updating with much of anything of any substance (last weekend my own mother told me she doesn’t bother checking this site anymore – the outrage!) but believe me when I say I have every single excuse under the sun.

I took the loophole days of leave (3 days holiday pay for 10 days off in a row, thanks Jesus, thanks ANZACs) and despite having ten whole days off work I really don’t feel like I’ve had any kind of holiday. I spent the first three days packing my things in the slowest manner possible, the next day in a flurry of shifting and unpacking, then immediately flew to Auckland for two nights and a lot of wandering the city, and then back for a grey and rainy weekend in Wellington.
I mean, really. What does it take for me to relax? Longer than three days it seems.

But yes, I’ve moved house. I now live in a wee flat, still in Wellington, with flatmates and a wonky eared cat. It’s pretty excellent. I’m quite pleased.
I get to live with one of my favourite people.

I have also managed to lose the cable for my camera. I am still taking a photo each and every day, but I can’t share them just quite yet. Infuriating. I’m sure I packed it somewhere sensible in the move and then unpacked it somewhere equally sensible but can I find it? Of course I bloody can’t.

One of the absolute worst things? I took a million photos of cats at the SPCA a couple of weeks ago and all those photos are trapped on my camera too. I was going to show you cat faces!

Next time. If I find that damned cord.

First scarf day of 2014 #winterNew name necklace #sarahrose #cultofpersonality
We went adventuringThis girl though  #latergram