One Flesh makes it into the News (kind of)

One Flesh in the Hutt News

Take a nympho, a transvestite, an ex-druggie, an academic, an autistic man, and a ghost, all living in a central Wellington boarding house, stir in an old man mourning his recently departed wife, and you have the recipe for a powerful story which is at times very funny and at other times very moving.

Guess which character I play?? hint: it’s not the transvestite or the academic.

One Flesh in the Hutt News
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I’m in Post Modern Ink

Post Modern Ink issue 5

Post Modern Ink Issue 5.
Reader Submission …

Reader Submissions Pages

Seriously! That’s my shoulder!
And it’s a full Page!

I was so excited & caught off guard (they don’t even confirm they receive your submission let alone telling you it’s been chosen) that I may have jumped up and down a little bit, definitely showed the people at the registers, and then shown everyone at my office. But who cares? that’s me!

Tattoo with Brunch Sleeves

(I was even wearing that striped shirt today)

Teeny tiny Sarah-Rose

My name.
Teeny tiny & tonally similar but still there.

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To be honest I’m just really glad they didn’t include my shot on the YRT (You’ll regret that) page.

Don’t Panic

Oh. I took photos of my photo in the Shortlist Magazine. Last week? two weeks ago? Three?
Hardcopy proof of my photo as photo of the week.

I sound conceited. I’m just excited*.

Photo of the Week - Hard Copy

Photo of the Week - Hard Copy

Photo of the Week - Hard Copy

And then I notice that they misspelled my name again. And that just makes me smile in an absurd little way.

I guess the universe thinks my head is big enough as it is.

* (And nervous, a little (okay, a lot). My photo may not end up in the June 19th issue of Shortlist Magazine along with the winners of the competition. This may be as close as I get.)

On a day of mainly downs? This was definitely an up.

After a morning of doom and gloom I decided to check the website for the Canon Shortlist Competition (top 4 win a canon eos 450D!) which I entered a few weeks ago and my photo? is Photo of the Week!!!

My Photo! Photo of the Week!

It cheered me up immensely. I may have done a little dance in my office. But if anyone asks? I did NOT.

So please please PLEASE go to and vote for my photo! 5 stars!
I mean, if you think it deserves it of course. Love you!

(It seems to be down twice. As Sarah Rose-Burke from Southwalk and as Sarah Rose from Southwark. The Sarah Rose-Burke one has more votes. Let’s go with that one then!

Man of the Moment

The show opened on the 23rd November. I chose that day to do another Photo-essay of A Day in My Life

(click to view.)

It was also the night that two newspaper reviewers came to see the show. Their reviews were published on the 27th and 28th November, respectively.

The Dominion Post

Dominion Post Review
(click to view full article.)

The Hutt News

Hutt News Review
(click to view full article.)

I’m not going to lie – my favourite is the Hutt News review which reads, in part, Watch also for laugh-out-loud performances from Peter Hughson as Ruy the defeated Gardener, and Sarah-Rose Burke as the downtrodden nanny.

It’s still showing … just so you know.