This is crazy … but here’s my [search terms]

One of the absolute best things to do is to peer, curiously, at the search terms people have used to find this little site.

Here are some of the favourites. Or the most perplexing:

Moustache scented Rose
1983 Orangina
Sarah Morbid
John Waters Ireland
oh my, was that in the script?
Eastbourne whores
workshop girl with plait
Men ridiculous haircut
pin up shoots herself
Beauty mark on Breast
herpes of the eye
famous werecat

and the ever ubiquitous iterations of:
girls with tattoos turn me on.

But my absolute, and possibly all time, favourite?

Angry Racoon


She’s Aliiiiive!

Manson Cat

This is Tiffany, aka MansonCat, the kitten (as Cat) who invaded my dreams with images of pale, pale, washed out eyes.

Marilyn Manson eyes!

Shortly after this post and weeks after Tiffany had started using my bed as her sickbed, Mummy-Darling deigned to inform me that Tiffany actually had some kitten strain of the herpes virus. And that it can leap from animals to human.
My dream could (could!) have become a reality.

After a road trip to Palmerston North, an operation including pig intestine (they replaced part of her eye with pig-parts), and a few more weeks recuperation …


Our mansoncat is not only longer Kosher …


but is now officially our darling FrankenKitty!




This post might just be an excuse for more kitten-and-a-mirror pictures.


Do you blame me?

He (She?) ‘s Back!


I’m not that bothered to be honest.
To each their own and an’ harm it none and all that.

Unless of course neckscarves comes out from the shadows and actually tries to contact me. Then I will be contacting the Flickr police.

Oh and if I’d had such a problem becoming fetish fodder (Hi Mum!) then I shouldn’t have been posting public photos to the world wide web. It isn’t inhabited by eunuchs and kittens.

My Sunglasses : Mormon Approved

I had my first nice experience with Mormon door to door salesmen today.
I was on my way walking to work and I saw them off in the distance just groaned to myself.
I kept walking, looking straight ahead and walking as far left as the footpath would allow.

Morman #1: Good Morrow!
inside Sarah’s head: Morrow? what the-
Morman #2: How’s your day going?
Sarah: Oh I’m actually on my way to work so …
Morman #1: Oh ok well you have a nice day!
Morman #2: You have a nice day.
Sarah (over my shoulder): You too!
Morman #2: We like your glasses!!
Sarah : … thanks.

These sunglasses are mormon approved.

Magical thinking (but vaguely terrifying none the less)

a very drunk very old man showed up at our back door late last night.
I say late, but it was … about 8? but it was black as pitch outside.

He didn’t quite get that he had the wrong house until he saw me over Craig’s shoulder (I say shoulder but really I mean the bend in his elbow. I couldn’t see over Craig’s shoulder) and he waved drunkenly and scampered off.

I was vaguely terrified because he didn’t turn on our security lights as he left, and they turn on when even a kitten crosses their path.
Craig swears that he saw him going up the side of the house, but I couldn’t see him.
Poor drunken man, either that or he was a leprechaun.